Pre-Built (Bad, I know but please read.)

Ok, so I need a new desktop. I wanted to build one, but now that option is just out the window for me for various reasons, so I need a pre-built system. I want your opinions on brand, mostly because I can’t figure out what is bad and not. I’ve looked at the ones that are more like self built (I buy power, cyberpower, ect.) and I’ve looked at the big brand prebuilts (dell, asus, acer, ect.). I need something for either a 4k or 1440p monitor (not gaming/light gaming) and I need at least 2 open ports for some hard drives from the old computer. If you can find one for under a $1000, that would be great. I also want a boot ssd, or at least be able to install one myself. The only reason I’m skeptical on the I buy power/cyber power systems is that I’m worried I will get a faulty windows key and not have windows. Other than that I would much rather prefer one. If you read this far and decide to look thanks in advance, I really need some outside opinions. -Spino

This desktop is on sale atm… can also game if you change your mind