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Post Your Wallpapers!


Just like the title says. I’ve got a folder on my desktop that I link to for the slideshow wallpaper thing in windows. They change every 30 minutes for me. Here’s a link: These are only a few (imgur) Feel free to use any of them! Now, what are yours?


(In reality I have such a collage-making program that picks random images of a folder and makes a collage out of em)
(Altho often enough I just never get around to set something like that up and it stays the above image for… long periods of time as my monitors are full of windows 99% of the time anyway… otherwise it would be a waste of money, not?)





here’s a link to my google drive’s shared folder, there plenty of wallpapers in it.



Holy crap, I thought I had a lot.


I am currently using a random Zootopia wallpaper.


^This, tiled. You’ll figure it out :wink:

If you couldn't figure it out...



I took this a while ago and its my current background. Feel free to download and use, if you want.


Here are three almost randomly picked from my small collection.

And three from Studio Ghibli

I have 135 images on slide show on my desktop and 113 different images from Studio Ghibli on slideshow on my laptop.




Normally I have a folder sinc in OneDrive and it’s randomly switching, once a day, but majorly the wallpapers are with trees! And I have those from Firewatch that are gorgeous!

Mine for today its this:


Here’s some of mine:


Another interesting one if needed.


La chasse-galerie
(Also called the wild hunt, or the bewitched canoe)