Post Your Tech Cringe

Not the originator of this thread idea, but is pretty popular elsewhere, lets see what everyone here has to offer.

We’ve all seen misrepresentations of hackers, computer science, and IT in film and media, post some of your favorite/most egregious examples here!

So I’ll start with one I found funny

Now it seems this was a snafu as the info from the source is gone, however it seems like this was a legit thing in england haha.

also found this to be a funny read

think this is funny/cringe

less tech but also cringe and funny pizza deal

Got them harddrives?

I was too lazy to turn on my laptop to charge my phone, also I needed it to charge fast so I used multiple adapters to achieve that. EU to UK, UK to EU with USB out, EU to UK, My laptop.

Not really something in media, but I think some people will cringe at that.

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