Post Your Firestrike Benchmark Scores

Thought it might be fun to compare what we’ve got going performance wise in our systems, Basic Firestrike only since that’s free and I know a lot of people don’t want to go out and buy it :stuck_out_tongue: I will keep a running leaderboard in the OP. Just link the results in, a screenshot of the results too would be nice but not required. As a frame of reference for these scores, 3Dmark defines a score of 5000 as ‘capable’ and a score of 10,000 ‘60 fps ultra capable’ this frame of reference is constant across the different tests. Valid results arent necessary, if you think modifying your drivers can get you oomf, go for it however I will denote which results are not vald in the OP.

I’ll start off with my score

High Scores

@Soulfallen 20987 @Zoey_Yea_Boom 20493 @Cavemanthe0ne 18552 @Fouquin 18262 @w.meri 15479 @hutchison15 13598 @purpleDurian 8766 @Nexusband 7747

I don’t have link atm but still:

Will probably update at some point whenever I decide to grab my 390X and set it up as well on my 1800x rig lol.

any possibility you could grab that link? >_>

On mobile atm but the GPU info & stuff in in screenshot
Is 1 390 sapphire

Good enough i suppose. Just tag me with the link when you have it.

Ew windows. /s?


link for above

7910 with FX 8300 and dual GTX 950s

5663 with a Phenom ii X4 925 and a Quadro K5200

Old run with my overclocked 3970X and 390+390X that got 18552

laptop with i7 3610qm and GT 675M

I’ll probably make the bottom of the list but here we go:

No dude trust me I can fo WAY WAY worse.

I can too - i have an R7 240 lying around somewhere…:yum: i should’ve said "the bottom list of the “mid-high end gpu equipped systems” :stuck_out_tongue:

My laptop I love has a FireGL T2.

It has to be able to run DirectX 11.

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Guess that disqualifies @aremis because last I checked he still runs windows 98.


Scuse me bitch OS2Warp 3 and mandriva 4.

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How did you find my yearbook picture?

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Anyone want to actually post benchmark scores instead of shitpost? >_>

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From awhile back, but it’s the best score I have on my account still. Haven’t uploaded anything with the new hardware.

well it’s the wrong benchmark for one.

Didn’t realize there’s more than one.

Retrying now.

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