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Post Your CPU-Z Benchmark Scores! (Version 1.76 and newer)


This forum needs a benchmark thread, so lets get the ball rolling.

This one is simple. Run the CPU-Z benchmark and post up a screenshot showing the CPU tab, and the benchmark result tab.


Yeah, it’s that simple. If you want to include the online graphs showing it’s position against their database, or the validation link go right ahead.

Get to benching!




:unamused: Time to overclock.


When a 6 year old dual-core is nipping at your heels in single-thread, yeah it’s time to OC.



‘Sigh’ :frowning:


(yes my daily is now a 4.9 Ghz 8370 :smiley: )



3930k @ 4.2


Xeon E3 1230 v5 at stock.


Mild Overclock

Big Overclock





I think that I would need to push 1.5 Volts to get 5 GHz on this guy. So I just keep it at 4.7


Dual Xeon X5650s. 24 Threads of CPU Power.



3.4GHz (Stock speed, 1.1v)


Straight to 5GHz.

Now we’re talkin’ >:3


Not bad for a 2500k…


I will add, CPU-Z benchmark massively favors AMD. 880Ks beat 2500Ks @ stock.


1800X at 4ghz on air.


I hate you… <3


2650v4 es 103 bclk