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Post Your Classic or Nostalgic Games


1999’s Homeworld


2006’s Mount and Blade


2004’s Nexus - The Jupiter incident


2003’s EvE Online


IDK if this is old enough but I guess you can call it a classic, but I guess almost 10 years is close enough.

Team Fortress 2
The modding community is so awesome they are working on this.



Was a super nerd for the first run of Bionicle, loved the lore and the kits. Got this game and as a kid I loved it, still have my copy today. I recall there being tons of mini games and the fact you went around the world was epic to me.



I did not play this in my youth, played it about 2 years ago for the first time… I love it. Really really good game, can’t believe I had never heard of it before.

I am a sucker for cyberpunk so maybe I’m biased. Its fun, good voice acting, good story (not breaking any molds but thats fun), and good gameplay. Team members AI is a little jank, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Same people that made Tomb Raider.

Its on GOG, It’s pretty cheap. Worth a look




I am a huge sucker for RTS games and LOTR… this had me in heaven as a kid! Really good, played hours and hours. I wish they would make a new LOTR RTS like this again.

You can get it on Ebay or amazon, but it’s not sold digitally that I can find (I still have my box)

Not sure how good it is, as I have yet to try it, but there is an HD mod that updates the game found here

Here is a video over the Dwarfs


Here is an Install guide by the creator

Done in windows 10 so you can play it on modern windows!

And here is the 1.09 patch link (guess its not on moddb 1.0 is) D/L at your own risk lol (Can not vouch for it)



Battlefield 1942

Still one of the best large combat FPS games ever made, and the expansions where really well done in my opinion, this game out of all others really brought me into PC gaming.

Not only were the battles the biggest and the best at the time, but tools that came with the game made it so easy most of my game time was in the level editor! Oh and the mods, my gosh the mods are still some of the best. Man the glory days of mods, too bad they have slowly be pushed aside in most games

[details=Expansion Trailers]



What is the story? IDK. Who are you? IDC. Why is this good? Its dragons that you breed and quip with weapons to battle and die for you… I played this a ton as a kid and really I don’t recall anything but that it was hard, breeding was key, the music was fun, and the battling was fun

This is the only song I remember… its still good, wonder if I still have this game somewhere



This was my first console game, my parents got it for me when they got me a playstation for Christmas after years of begging for a game console. Dont have my original copy but got one cheap and in great condition from amazon.

This game is soooo good, good story line, great gameplay. Really wish there was more!

Play it if you like banjo-kazooie and Spyro kind of games



I love this game, the intro is AMAZING and makes me wish they just made a anime of it.

Have not played it in years, but I recall it being a JRPG story line but with the “Monster Battle” and breed idea.
Also you could see the monsters, iirc the was no “random” encounters. Also you can battle not just your monsters

If you are into JRPGs or Pokemon kind of games, this is a good one.

I do not agree with him 100%, loved the story and the twists and did not think it was cheap but good overview


There is some good stuff here. For me, this was huge:

EDIT: posted from phone… now for the reasons.

This was crazy for me. The idea of just being dropped into a world where you could go anywhere and take quests from anyone was somewhat new (there were only a few open world games before this). However, there were some really fun quests in between all the messenger quests. This game did not hold up well to the test of time, but I spend hundreds of hours on it back in the day.



Huge or not.
i really enjoyed Fragile Allegiance back in the day.
hmm… come to think of it - might even get it on GOG


Also some of the old Sierra Entertainment games on strategy
It was a fun strategy simulation. Remember playing it with my brother and father. 3man team to beat the PC. Fun times.


EDIT: sorry for multigame post, i hope i get presents for Christmas… Kappa


Those are all great

please however


I played so much of this when I was younger. First platformer I ever played, and probably one of my favourite game series of all time.



I didn’t play this as a kid, played it later in the re-release on GOG.

Before Kratos thought of fighting the gods, and long before the idea of traveling north when Greek myths were beat to death, Rune came out in 2000. You start off as a weak little kid and progress to a badass! Not only to you grow in size your gear gets crazier and crazier.

Oh lost your sword? Thats ok use your enemies arm and beat them to a bloody pulp saying “why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself” like a fing psychopath. I like this a little more than God of War tbh, not as polished but on pc its worth the asking price. The MP is epic, if you can find some people still play.