Post Your Classic or Nostalgic Games

Post games that you find to be classics or just games that just get you all nostalgic

One game per post please, to keep it tidy, tell us why it is a classic or your nostalgic memories.

Bonus points for video and pictures

I’ll start


My dad had iMac and this game I think came with it… I was obsessed as a kid, was such a fun game (didn’t hurt I was really into dinosaurs as a kidI think). Didn’t know the story tell years later just played the game getting eggs and that was enough. Not to mention that sound track! Not much love for this game now it seems, hard to find anyone talking about or making videos about it.

I would call it a classic… but maybe its just my nostalgia.

Black and White

Don’t know how I got this game… But man was I obsessed with it.
Was so amazing at the time, and still is fun to play to this day!
Glorified advanced Tamagotchi, which to be honest was just fine with me.

Zelda Ocarina of time was my first ever video game (I was like 6 or 7) I never did beat it but I sure did have fun and I have fond memories of it, especially the music.


Age of Empires 2

This game was another game that really pulled me from console gaming to pc. Not only was this game one of the best and first RTS games I played, and the beginning of an addiction lasting to this day, it had real history in it! While real phrases in real languages! Learning while having fun is possible lol

The editor also was stupid simple, but allowed for some great scripted options to make brand new campaigns.

List of some fan made maps/mods for the Original AOE 2



One of the most underrated games on the ps1 in the USA.
Had a demo disk with this game on it and my friends and I played it more than any other game I had.
It is a pain to get now, but I have a used copy that I found for cheap, got tons of scratches… but it plays

The gameplay is great, Top down shooter where you stack boxs on a pad.
How they are arranged will make different weapons or units, all of which depend on what map you are on.
Up to four players can play in mp, and it has the standard mode and some others like this one.

The charm of this game is in the writing and the buddies themselves. If you have not played this game… do it


Only played this once at a friend of my dads house… but man it left an impact. I never owned the game tell last year, and I never beat it. But just that intro really got me into it, and the gameplay like halflife was amazing.

I don’t get why is not on steam, the cd key gives you the orange box basically lol

you can get the game as a mod here

So glad this games HD remake is going bananas on steam

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I played this on my 360, got it do to my lust for more Black and White style of games.
While this is more puzzle game than “true” god game, I really liked the art style and the game it self.
I hear on PC Ubisoft did its Uplay thing killing any good will for this game so it is mostly hated by PC gamers.

LGR sums it up pretty well

I think if Uplay was off and if issues with mouse scrolling and 30 FPS lock were addressed (maybe a lower price, like 5.99 or 9.99) this game would be a gem on the PC


First Tibes game I played was a PS2 version my dad had, called Tribes: Arial Assault.

While I never got to play that game online I wanted more. I didn’t have a PS2 at the time so I went to the internet and found it was a PC game too…
After that I have played every Tribes game made, and think almost all of them (F2P Ascend being just ok) are defacto classics.
Also the mods for new characters, just like UT, where amazing.

[details=Videos of 1,2,3]Starsiege

Tribes 2

Tribes: Vengeance

Free to Own
In a rare move of good will all of these are free, located here, from Hi-Rez it self DRM free (except Ascend)

Yes this includes EarthSiege, I will get to that eventually.

I remember play drain storm. Classic 8 bit Game


Anyone remember this back on windows 95?

Good old Indiana.



The first artifacts were found about three hundred years ago. Left by some long-dead alien race, strange mysterious devices were found all over the galaxy. Dubbed Mysterium Technology (or “MysTech” for short), these ancient machines are considered prized collectables, even though their purpose has never been fully understood.

Perhaps left behind by the same mysterious race, interstellar travel proved possible by planet-sized spheres in space called Senders. By flying toward one of the spikes on its surface, a ship is shot through a hyperspace tunnel, and can travel across the boundless reaches of space to another Sender. Senders have become the hubs of lucrative trade and galactic civilization. At the center of the universe lay Sender One, and inside the shell of this titanic Sender floated the city of Anachronox.

Theory has it that Anachronox was once home to millions of quarantined aliens who slowly died of some sort of horrible plague (Anachronox literally means “poison from a previous time”), leaving this city to fall to ruins, to be taken over by the refuse of the galaxy as the center of their nefarious dealings. Here our story begins

Mass Effect ripped off its core story, but anachronox holds it own to this day.
If you haven’t played this game… get it… it’s on steam… its on GOG… GO GO GO

Everyone needs to play this.


Set in the year 2032, Oni is a third person 3D action adventure with weapons and hand-to-hand combat featuring Konoko, a highly skilled agent working for the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF)

Oni is a forgotten gem in the rough. Much like KOTOR 2, it was not finished but what was delivered is fun and with fan updates its pretty close to complete. Wish they would take another crack at it.
Would love to see this game ported into overgrowth, or at least have Konoko put in, as I think the hand to hand in that game is what ONI is all about.

There are some fans that have updated the visuals and patched in missing content:

More info can be found here:

A brief overview of ONI and its unrealized sequel


I completely forgot about this game, but after seeing a throwback video on it I have to add it.

I played this game a ton, think I got it in a Kelloggs box for free. Must have played this off and on for 2 years, once a week at least. I cannot vouch for the new adaptations, however if you like clue the board game, its a pretty good pc game.


If you grew up in America, around a certain time, you have played this game. It may have been your first computer game. You may still play it today, or as the younger among us may think its an IOS game if they know about it at all.

I loved this game, and Amazon trail, as a kid. Oregon Trail is a classic of classics to me.


Based on a comic? I guess, really none of that matters…
It’s got Dinos…It’s got Guns… It’s got Co-op… It’s got 90’s
Really its that simple and as fun as it sounds… play it (don’t buy)… NOW


I love this game. My parents would not as a kid let me get Pokemon do to me getting in trouble at school with the card game (I had a good eye for trading… tell I got cheated)

But thanks to them not looking to hard into it, I was able to get this game. Having played Pokemon now I still find Dragon Warrior Monster the more compelling game.

If you like dragon warrior/quest or monster collector games, this game is worth your time. Good story, great gameplay and crazy breeding chart to get them all… and that music still gets me everytime

This game and rayman 2 have nostalgia overload for me so many hours of my childhood.


Urban Chaos Riot Response

Played for the Xbox back in the day at a friends house. While I only played once, and only for about an hour… man this game stays with you. Way ahead of its time… you can burn someone with your stun gun if you hold it to long, guy has a knife or a molotov cocktail? Shoot him and he’ll drop it.

Had fun with it, think it’s cheap to find on ebay these days