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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


MY brother told me to sign up for Tangerine banking using his Orange Key and it took a day for me to get the bonus $50 and so I assume he got his bonus also. Nice to have another no fee banking account as Simplii has gone to hell and I really need to look to move all my banking out of it or at least the very important stuff. Also should get another $50 when my son opens a banking account with Tangerine and makes his mandatory $100 deposit but his situation in getting an account open has been a bit more complicated. Anyway free money is always good



99 cents and 5 cents back in credit and well a game that showed promise and has some posters of nude or naked women in it = a buy here


Got this for $1 to support charity a little and hey if I can get my son or myself to play something other than WOW well playing How to Survive 2 MPer could be fun.


Daily Driver mobile workstation upgrade from 2017 XPS15 to Gigabyte Aero15x4k: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4DpxmVuobtWu5XGz8
and new Sennheider BT44 headphones



All the free Trove games which you all can still get.

I also unfortunately got into this crack habit again (might have mentioned it here before but not sure) …


Humble Summer Sale (Extended?) has had some good deals and I got SPINTIRES for pc for $1.79 US (using Humble money earned and then earned some back for the purchase plus of course getting to make a small donation.)

Two videos convinced me to buy this for my son and I with this one linked here being the funniest …


I also got …


… for $4.99 US (Humble Bundle store)

Some other games recently purchased at Humble Bundle that I am not sure if I mentioned getting before (and not sure of pricing now) …


It seemed interesting enough to grab for 99 cents. Action RPGs definitely are something I like.

Also picked up this pc sc-fi horror game shown below for 99 cents …


More free things I picked up in September were Meadow and Braveland for pc.

Also in regards to triple A gaming (as Jim Sterling would put it) I got the free DLC from Origin for BF4 and BF1 and paid …

just $6.49 Canadian for each copy of BF1 for pc!