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Post Things You've Recently Acquired




Box of GPUs I paid $5 for. So far has provided a small stack of Quadro 600s, the Quadro FX 5600 seen on top there, and a couple Radeon R5 230s. Most everything else is significantly older and not worth testing.


You should open a museum.




Moderately jealous.

I really need another lens for my a6000.


I forgot to post this but I finally got a dummy CPU for a used motherboard I bought (H67, only got it because it has 5 SATA ports). So I updated the BIOS and put my 3570 in there.

So now I have 5 Hard Drives, I put an extra 1TB. So that makes it the 3rd Laptop hard drive I have in my system.


Wow won’t scale with your GPU but more with your CPU


I know, just wanted to test it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kind of annoying. Like I have a 6700K. What am I supposed to do to get more frames? Threadripper?


WoW need a heavy single core performance. It will sometimes use 2 cores but mostly 1. So an overclocked intel cpu is your best choice. If you only play wow get the new hexacore i5 or if you plan on streaming get the i7. If you are on a budget get a 6th gen intel it will perform better than amd. I have the ryzen 1700 and aside from minimum fps and the ability to stream, my i7 4770k was a bit better.

Edit: I’ve just seen that you have a 6700. Overclock it, don’t spend more $ you won’t get the most fps for the cost


I’ll need to look into getting a new mobo then. When I built mine a couple years ago I went with an Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero and that crapped out after about a year. I had intentions of overclocking when I built it, but then that just got brushed under the rug because I got busy and didn’t feel like spending the time. So when that board went bad I just bought an AsRock H170M Pro4 because I also switched to mATX so I can have the case on my desk.

I’ll just deal with it for now. Looking at my options, there aren’t really any mATX boards that appeal to me. Probably will switch back to ATX but I’ll need to get a new case too.


Recently got a Logitech G403 mouse to replace my G502. Love the feel of this mouse.


Changed major to CIS. Had a couple months before the next round started. Excited to get back into it.


A Seiko Turtle to compliment my Seiko 5.


I loved this headset so much for PS4 I bought one for my Xbox as well. The mic isn’t the best, but in terms of sound quality, battery life, and comfort, it far surpassed my expectations.



Silverstone TS12C


FireGL V8650 arrived. Battle of the ages to commence.


Plextor m.2 NVMe 512GB model went in at the start of this semester due to wanting Visual Studio, Office and Dropbox on the boot drive. I’ve been on Windows 10 the entire semester. It’s so fast with NVMe mode utilizing all lanes!



Back in February I got a job offer as a software consultant.


That capacity though. :S One day hope things get better with other storage products making them much better in terms of overall value. Enjoy though.


Thanks, man. It’s 476 GiB (gibibytes) which is still 512 GB (gigabytes).

Were you implying it’s a lot? I synchronize my full Dropbox on the boot drive now as a habit from doing so on Linux distributions. All of my purchased music and videos will eventually fill it up. I’m sure 1.0+ TB will be the norm and under $100 by then.

I am sure the storage prices will continue to fall and hoping we see the GPU prices fall while core components go back up. PCI-e 4.x and 5.x will be here faster than anyone would have expected. They are already testing waters with trying to plan marketing more cores. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start cutting core counts once they realize stuff is getting cooked inside of average builds because they will want to sell to all types of customers, not just higher end.


odroid xu4


I got a new desk

That chair tho