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Post Things You've Recently Acquired




Dipping a toe into case modding. I’ve flipped a power supply 180° and moved it to the front of the bottom instead of the back. This adapter will allow the power cord to go out the bottom behind the front panel.


Keeb - Redragon Vara K551-RGB
Mice - Rakk ALKUS RGB
and a World Map mouse mat

and also helping hands.


i got this mower, fully running with self propel drive for free, just needed a $20 blade.


How has this been for you? I want to know if I can recommend these to friends who want cheap peripherals.


It’s alright. The keyswitches themselves can be a little loud and annoying to some (they’re Outemu Blues), but they’re fine for me. The lighting is not real RGB though since there are only seven color presets that you can can change on the keeb itself.
If you’re going to give one to first time mech users don’t give them Outemu blue keyboards, if you can find one with brown switches recommended them that instead. Gateron Browns sound really good and feel smoother and less scratchier than Outemu and Cherry in general.


I actually really like the outemu blue switches and I have a few. The sound carries a lot depending on the internal acoustics. My cheaper one sounds high pitched. Which one do you have?


No pics because I’m lazy, but…

Got a pair of VIP tickets to a brewfest for free.


My Redragon sounds high pitched. The case is pretty hollow with very short ribbings. I plan to replace the keycaps with PBT and do an o-ring mod just to dampen the sound a bit.


Finally replaced my 1080p Samsung TV with a good monitor. I got to the point where I actually started to dislike taking photos because nothing came out right on the old screen, but when I’d upload them in Lightroom CC and look at them on my phone they looked great. So I bought this. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

It’s an LG 27UK600-W. It’s got 4K, HRD 10, FreeSync, 99% sRGB, 5ms response time.

Girlfriend got me this kinda neat red hearthstone, and it came with a free Horde window sticker because the original package was lost in shipping, so the guy sent another one with an extra surprise.

I also bought an XFX RX 580 8GB OC Black, but I’m returning it. It ran perfectly fine for about three hours, and then POP. Computer shut off. I thought it was just the breaker tripping because it happens occasionally, but then I noticed it was only my PC, and it wouldn’t turn back on. So I worked on it for about 30 minutes and then was able to get it to boot without the GPU plugged in, so I put my GTX 970 back in it and it booted fine.

I’m getting about the same performance with both cards in WoW on Ultra settings at 1440p, so I’m just going to return it and wait til the next-gen AMD cards come out. The RX 580 seemed smoother because of FreeSync, but that could also be all in my mind. But it’s not worth paying $350 for no performance boost in the games that I play. The RX 580 is supposed to do better in newer games that utilize DX12, but I don’t really have any of those.


$4 RGB LED Strip from Walmart: http://compressimage.toolur.com/viewimage/20180616-16-wi9HulQNqbQdbZ9v-T458nA-imag0162

works good


Got my Lapdog for my Corsair K63 yesterday. Now I can use keyboard and mouse with my Steam Link on the TV!


Old Apple II clone, for like $40 shipped, because reasons. Needs fixing, but still.

Also some eng sample CPUs that I’ll be testing when they arrive later.


Do ghetto additions count?


Xbox Live for one month for $1 and Xbox Game Pass for one month for $1. A steal.


Definitely a good deal. How long is that going on for? I don’t have an Xbox any more, but I’d still get it for the monthly games cuz I’ll probably get another Xbox some day.


I believe the offer is now over.


Free for a limited time. You have til June 25th to get it. You will own the game.


The amplifier is actually pretty awesome.



Free for a limited time.