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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


Interesting. I’ve never gambled other than a few lotto tickets so I wasn’t sure on this kind of thing.


Well let me say that considering that it can become an addiction yes it is better to not gamble at all but I am very happy to have found a cheap way to bet on horses and stick with it.


Santa has great taste in stoneware.



I acquired $30 after selling the …


Glad to finally unload this. : )

Update: Actually when I went and collected the money yesterday the guy appreciated my effort in walking in the cold and added an extra $5 to make it $35 for me. : )


Razer has finally answered my prayers and made a Naga with interchangeable sides and an optical sensor.

New WoW calendar for 2018!


Oh damn I really want that mouse.


It’s awesome. I’ve been wanting them to do this for a while now. It makes me think they’ve seen my comments on YouTube and actually listened to them.


I have been selling so much lately it is hard to remember anything I have acquired. I know that I have added numerous free Steam keys / games from various sources.

In January from Humble Bundle I got …

Amnesia Collection
The Red Solstice
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946
Killing Floor (I have it so many times and would like to trade for something if someone will do so.)

Also in regards to video games I was able to get 4 x Wii U Guitar Hero Live bundles for $4 a piece at some dollar store that has been unloading them like crazy for months now. They only recently got to my area in the past month or so. I guess you can use the Wii U guitar with the PS3 so that is good considering I have no Wii U now. As for the game disc eh EB games sell the PS3 version for $20+ used so got to build up some credit and get that. I also have been trying to flip a few of these things but no go thus far.


Some older Radeon cards.
Couple of 6970s and 3850s.


Picked up a Magni 3 for my DT 990s



Fucking Miners :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that illegal?


Depends on who you are :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you doing with those?


Got most of them from recycling so either sold them or recycled the dead ones (which were a few, probably 3 or 4 of that stack iirc)


Almost 100 Verge coins from mining the past 2 days


The One S is far better imo



Stock strap still attached. I was a little worried the Blushark strap wouldn’t match very well, but I actually think it matches the face better than the strap it comes with, and the metal matches better too.