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Post Things You've Recently Acquired




Some free games from giveaways on the net. It is nice to add more to my backlog4life. : S




I got Black Flag as well. Was trying to avoid putting Uplay back on my computer, but couldn’t pass it up.


Some fabric for my Jeep’s headliner that I’m replacing.

Still waiting on it to show up, but I should have it today so I can work on it over the weekend.


What’s that? One of my favorite past times crossed with one of my favorite movies? Sold.


A JB Designs grip for my EM5 MK II.

It’s alright. I think the grippy plastic style they made for the X100T was a lot better. This one helps spread out the fingers to make it a little more comfortable, but it’s still not great. I think I actually had more grip without this, but it should be more comfortable for prolonged use.


I got $260 for my Xbox One S and 3 TB external hard drive. Now I just need to come up with $400 or so more. : S


Brand new, just released, et cetera.


This Arrived Friday Except the Original Exploding Kittens Game


Arrived a week ago


I acquired $200 from the blackjack table at the local casino. A timely win.

Oh and just like a gambler I win more and put it almost all of it back in.

It is hard to walk away from the table.


And how does that compare to the amount of money you’ve spent gambling over your life?


Been looking for this for a long time. They have it at a local pizza place, but it’s almost always sold out. Went to the new-ish local alcohol store and found it and now I got a whole bottle!



Bit of an oddity today. Single-slot GTX 550 Ti.


Looks like something outta a Mac.


What I got for Christmas:

  • A small box of TAYLORS of Harrograte YORKSHIRE TEA (that’s how it is on the box)
  • Some slipper socks
  • Two pj pants
  • A sweatshirt
  • A t-shirt
  • $20 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings
  • $25 gift card to World Market
  • A neat ello travel mug
  • $15 gift card to Farmer Boys

Still waiting til this evening to see what my girlfriend got me.


Thanks again @ShakeHandsWithDanger/@Logan


I got for Christmas from some family (mom, dad and cousin)…

New Jersey Devils cards, mini puck and mini mug

plus …

Cartier Irish Cream



… and also homemade stuffing, homemade shortbread cookies, some canned goods plus chocolate covered crisps.

As for what I got myself …

I got myself almost $400 at the blackjack table and paid off debt and had some extra left over.

With that taken care of I got a season, 1887 American Association, for Dave Koch Action PC Baseball on sale, two PS3 games that featured 3D (AC Revelations plus Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault) and I got them for less than $10 which was nice

… and surprisingly I also got for $5 …

Steam Link

On RFD this deal had been talked about for some time and for some it was a tough find and it was for me but this week one of the EB Games stores here got 6 of them and on Boxing Day I ended up getting the last one they had. So far so good with it despite setting the language wrong at first. LOL! My wireless keyboard and Xbox 360 pc adaptable controller worked with it.

Now as for what many would consider a bad purchase I got …

Homefront The Revolution

… for under $10 and while I went out looking for cheaper games for PS4 they just could not be found that day. Now I don’t mind having it as I will just enjoy streaming the bug filled mess that I remember watching Jim Sterling review. I will get some shits and giggles from it for sure.

Finally I did buy some things for others this past week although none were Christmas presents as I thought most I knew deserved coal. So anyway I bought …

AC Unity codes for $1 or so Canadian from cdkeys.com and ended up giving one away to a long time Facebook friend and also one to my son who showed interest in AC games in the past.

I also got Xbox Live for two accounts for $1 for 1 month each and also purchased the Xbox Game Pass for 1 month for $1. My son didn’t have Xbox Live so that was taken care of on the cheap and also the Xbox Game Pass maybe will get him to open his eyes up to other types of games to play. Over the past year his interests in different types of games has grown. He will though forever love EA NHL games. I will never expect him to stop wanting that.


Considering the reasons I have gambled I don’t worry about it. Also if you want to know it averages out to next to nothing per month / per year of my lifetime. Oh and for all the enjoyment I have had in regards to conversations at the track and doing things outside of the track with certain people there I think it has been worth it. Also recently in regards to gambling I was able to make a huge change and now only bet 20 cent tickets on Mohawk when I go to the track so my night ends up costing $10 or less. That is damn cheap for a night out. Oh and you can still end up making good money even betting so little and that night I ended up ahead $30. Still though even if I lose on every ticket it in the future it is a cheaper night out than many have when they go out.