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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


Brutal Legend

I got the pc version of the game free on Humble Bundle.


I got the Uncharted 10th Anniversary Bundle (no games) for free on the PlayStation Store.


Christmas presents, for my family.


Zotac 960 AMP! 2GB + green LED lighting for the Linux box

a new exhaust blower for each of my 2 desktops

too many games


Well through a contest from Fanatical (formerly Bundle Stars) I won …

Dead Effect

12 is Better Than 6

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Dead Effect is something I already had and enjoyed it. As for the other two games unfortunately 12 is Better than 6 is a top down shooter and so while it looks cool I might not be able to play it as those games make me feel dizzy and hurt my eyes and in regards to Sir, You Are Being Hunted, I swear I played this game for free at one point when it wasn’t even as polished as it looks now on the Steam store. Anyway the game looks great and I look forward to playing it.


A Jeep! 96 grand cherokee.


Well… I need that now.




I got a 1 year VIP membership to OnePlay.com for $1. A really good deal considering the amount of games you have to pick from that you can play.


I also knew after seeing the promo I would pick up my usual purchases when there is a sale for baseball sim game stuff from Dave Koch Sports. This time I spent $8.98 US and it got me the following:

1884 NL Baseball Season
1886 NL Baseball Season
Vintage PCL Seasons (1946, 1948, 1950, 1952)

… plus the 2017 Christmas: FREE Six Pack

1884 Union Association (Baseball)

1930s Best Franchises (Best team of the decade for each team in the 30’s for the MLB … maybe other leagues)

1940 football season (NFL)

1970s Best Franchises (Best team of the decade for each team in the 70’s for the NBA … maybe other leagues)

1970s Best Franchises (Best team of the decade for each team in the 70’s for the NHL … maybe other leagues)

Par 3 Compilation (Golf)


Awesome. I think you are going to like it. We’ve put like 100 hours of gaming into it in the last couple of weeks.


Be sure to watch the tutorial, unless you already know Lakka. One thing to note, go into the menu, turn on advanced options, then you can go back and set the unit to save your configurations upon exit, so it doesn’t reset to defaults (idiot proof feature) every time.


The only things I got on Black Friday. A few lighters, my favorite screen cleaner in large quantity, and my dog’s Christmas present.


Got these today. The 120 minutes are nearly impossible to find. They come around twice a year at very limited quantity, and a local store got four cases (so 94 bottles) in, and I was lucky enough to get the last four on the shelf. Not sure if it was the last four over all, but this is plenty. They’re like $9 each, so I maybe would have bought one more if it was there, but no more than that.

Also a big fan of Old Rasputin, so I had to get this as well. Never seen this version before.



Some stuff.

Some stuff after I did some stuff.
In the flesh


Let me know how that barrel aged version is. What the ABV? They can sometimes be too sweet, depending upon the type of barrel. Anyway, I’m curious.


ABV is 11.1%. Might have to save it for next weekend :grin:


I bought the $1 tier and while I won’t often play these games it still feels nice to give a little to charity.


I got … FIFA 14

… and


… for Xbox One for $8.57 total from EB Games .


I’m sure your 1$ to charity will do wonders. Make that about 20cents once it’s all said and done. If that.


Intel SSD because why not. Its the 800gb one.

The speed though.

Also FE vega that I have to test and see if it works.
Should but not 100% sure.


Every little bit helps. Also I donated the majority to the charity and not the other options. Finally if you want to donate more I think the charities they are involved with would gladly welcome more so go make your donation.


New keyboard that has Hall Effect switches on it. They use magnets, and are one of the smoothest switches I have ever tried, much better than MX black in that regard.

Also put a mix of vintage keycaps on it from an old WYSE and some random NKPC ones on the space bar and a couple others.


Not really something I acquired, but I finally paid off one of my credit cards, so I’m pretty proud of that.