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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


As a big fan of the old Infinity Engine games, it is no surprise I got this on preorder last Wednesday. Obsidian has been rolling out some good old isometric inspired RPG’s with Pillars of Eternity and now this.

Nice tidbit about me, I never preorder; the only 2 games I ever preordered in my life were Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny lol

Still waiting on Torment to get out of Early Access lol come on now inXile… give it to me.


Linksys RE6500. I don’t even have any WiFi signal issues in my house, I just want to be able to have a “wired” connection for all my stationary devices in my bedroom (desktop, Raspberry Pi, PS4).


OBJECTIVE2 ODAC from JDS Labs together with Beyerdynamic dt 880 pro, came from a Razer Tiamat 7.1
Never regretted this upgrade! :grin:


Ya, I wanted the wireless one, but the added price is a bit much for me.


Just a Few Things


Your better off wired. The wireless one does cut out every once in a while


Just ordered the 2016 Galaxy Tab A with the s-pen. It should be here early next week. I was considering an ipad pro and pencil($700) for a digital sketchbook but the Tab A is 250 dollars at the moment on amazon and best buy and will probably do the job.



So I went back to Tepperman’s and got me this (4 years and no interest … although I wish I got a Sony PS4 Pro but then again not sure after all the issues I have seen and even developers complaining about the thing.

PS4 Slim 500 GB with one controller and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

PS4 NHL 17 … something that I like to play but no way in heck will I ever be able to learn all the moves like my son has.

PS4 headset … with virtual surround sound which I love!

Eh not a fan of wireless anything but with controllers I have never had a problem on consoles.

Nice that it comes with the bonus power pak. : ) (They sell it without it.)

… and then another console buy …

During Shopper’s Drug Mart’s Super Sale I got the following …

I got a $100 SDM Gift card for free with it and used $170 in points (the maximum I could use on it) to help pay for it. Unfortunately unlike some others who got a console today I did not get a personal coupon that I could have used if I waited for anything special. All I got was one that gave a bonus of 4000 points if you spent $30 or more. Funny thing is usually you can’t mix promos but for some reason this is working for so many people and some people got 15x SDM points from what I have seen on deal sites. Also some stores let people apply the gift card right away on the purchase which is something also that is not something that is too be allowed. Anyway … whatever …

and so now my focus is unloading my old Xbox One (bundled with stuff), the SDM Gift card and some SDM points I have ($80+) plus some extra CEs of games (larger ones and not just games with DLC) so I can pay off the remaining balance on my credit card for the Xbox One S purchase. So far not many bites for stuff. :S


Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce. Wore down the toe on my Nike Air Max Dragons. Got these for $25 (normally $100) at the Adidas outlet in Gilroy.

Logitech G13. Got this because gaming on my new Kinesis is a pain. I had one of these like 8 years ago or so when I was in high school. Can’t believe they’re still making them. Wish it was mechanical, but that’s the only complaint I have. It’s more comfortable than a normal keyboard.

As mentioned before, I got a new Kinesis. Went with the Advantage 2 QD. It’s a pain to get used to. I never had any sort of formal keyboard training, so not being able to cross over and hit different keys is killing my typing speed for the time being, but it’s very comfy. I don’t have a picture of the packaging bcause it’s just a plain white box with a small sticker, but here’s my finished setup.


I splurged on a Corsair K65 LUX RGB to replace my relatively ancient Saitek Eclipse. First mechanical keyboard I’ve ever owned and it’s left me wondering why I waited so long to upgrade.

Also picked up one of those Zalman lapel mics to use with my Sony headphones to replace the godawful Turtle Beach PS3 headset I’d been using for years. Stop gap until I can afford some DT770s and a modmic


I picked up this using my $100 SDM gift card I got from buying the Xbox One S recently. It was $99 plus tax. Now yes I wish it wasn’t a drive that has to be plugged into the wall for it to work but it is what they had and it was priced right and I had to buy something I need from the store and nobody was giving me good offers for the SDM gift card when I tried to sell it. So anyway I am happy that I had a drive right away that I could use to transfer stuff from my original Xbox One to the new Xbox One S and people man the new version is way smaller and yes sexier. I honestly couldn’t believe MS finally made a console this small. LOL!


A little bit of seasoning mixes.


How are the gaming keypads compared to a gaming keyboard. I’m really thinking of getting one to reduce strain on my forearms.


Picked this up recently so that I would have a nice surface to put my stein atop a Geforce GTX 550 in ancient tradition while I record updates on the Zweihänder video game!


Kinda lost my mind in a way and got me another gaming chair, a new desk (with 2 extra legs to counter possible warping in the future), and a cable management box.

I will feel the effects of these orders in a bit. But hopefully when all these arrive at my doorstep (in one piece preferably) it will justify the somewhat impulse buy I just made.


The best thing about the holidays at work. No teachers or other staff present to help, so most of the time is spent cleaning out storage and we always find neat stuff that would otherwise go in the trash. I plan on reading the books. The Amazon Trail is more just because I needed a new binder. I’ll keep the disc for shits n giggles though.


Got myself the NZXT Hue+


Harry Potter stuff is for Christmas for the girl I’m dating. She absolutely loves Harry Potter.

  • Fawkes statue
  • Time Turner necklace

The rest is for me. I wasn’t planning on getting the games, but they were like 50% off. The book I’ve been wanting for a long time, but I don’t really thing about it normally.


Not really impressed with the Steam Autumn Sale this year, but I did get this just a moment ago. I have had this in my wishlist for the longest time now lol It is about time I try a 4x game, and being a RPG fan, this is gonna be a fairly good introduction for me in 4x games


I like the chair you picked but man that desk. :S To each his own though.