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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


The “Gaming Evolved” app isn’t even made by AMD, it’s a third-party program by Raptr. It’s essentially useless and AMD dropped it last year. Uninstall it, it’s not necessary.


how to do I remove all the settings when I uninstall it?


Lens hood for Olympus 17mm f1.8, 45mm f1.8, and a wrist strap.

Here’s the 45 with lens hood. You know how there’s those cheap companies on Amazon that make some good stuff and some total crap? Well, this is total crap. I’ve bought a few other items from JJC before and haven’t had any issues, but this one sucks. You can barely feel the bump when it clicks into place, so most likely won’t be able to tell when it starts wobbling loose and falls off. I’m not really surprised, because the reviews say so as well, but some of the reviews were also very good, so I was hoping that I would get a good one, and I did not.

This is one of their products that is actually decent. It goes on and stays on just fine. It’s telescoping, so it’s even easier to store. The only complaint I have is it’s kind of hard to slide out, but that may just need some time to break in.

I also got the Thinktank Retrospective 7 because my 5 is pretty cramped when I’m carrying everything. There is also a comparison pic below. I don’t think I’ll keep it though. It’s probably a bit too much space for my gear, and I’m debating whether it’s really necessary or if I’d rather just have the money back. May do a more in-depth comparison later.

And this is my EM5 MK II with the new strap and 17mm lens hood on. I’m not a fan of the strap either to be honest. I have the previous generation without the leather or the silver metal thing, and it’s much less stiff because it’s just cloth. The hood feels nice, but I’m not really sure about it either. Fit and finish is awesome for a $7 hood, but now that it’s on here I’m not sure if I like the added size. One of the awesome things about Micro 4/3 is the tiny size. This, although still small, takes up significantly more volume inside my bag.

Over all not a good haul :confounded:

I hate returning things that aren’t defective, but I’m not really satisfied with my purchases either.


A new job!
I am now the senior strength and conditioning coach at a fighting gym.


Sony STRDN1080

Klipsch RP-150M

Still rebuilding after losing all my shit last year.


Angel Wing Begonias


It a MSI z170 Gaming Pro, and Cooler Master V8 GTS all for 72 Kiwis


I got this free and it is still available for a limited time.

Also I got …


SteamWorld Dig and the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront for free. I would assume that these are for a limited time also.

Free is good!


Got my 160GB iPod Classic back from my dad. I had sold it to him a couple years ago because I didn’t really use it for anything once I got out of the navy because the only time I used it was out to sea. He also gave me his 8GB Nano.

He said he never uses them, so they’re mine now. I’m glad to have the Classic back actually. I don’t know what I’ll use the Nano for, but it’s cool.


I remember the days of iPods. Social status in high school was determined by such things.


Ya haha. I had a Rio Sport (the little red and white bean shaped one) and everyone was like wtf is that shit. But to me it was way cooler than an iPod because it had a little thumb pad to control everything, which to me is much more intuitive because you just click in the direction you want to go instead of spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise. Also, I liked that I could just plug it in and drag-and-drop files onto it instead of having to use iTunes.


My Dad has mine at the moment.
I also have a Fiio Amp/dac that plugs into it as well
similar to this


that giant dark souls 2 SOTFS fabric poster in the middle



Free for the next 40+ hours.


Got the Insignia USB Professional Microphone today.

Has basically all the same features as the Blue Yeti, but in a slightly smaller package, and it comes with it’s own pop filter. It’s about $20 more than the Yeti also. I’m not sure if this thing is brand new or what, but it only had 4 reviews on bestbuy.com and they were all very recent. One of the reviews says it sounds a bit better than the Yeti and AT2020 USB, and the one negative review says it picks up all the sound, so I’m assuming the dude has it on conference instead of cardioid. Still need to test it out for myself though.

I bought it because it also has a headphone pass-through like the Yeti. First impressions are that the mic itself feels very solid, along with the controls. It’s nice having both the headphone and mic volume on the front. There is no mic mute, but you can just slide it all the way down. The base is plastic, but it works fine, and the pop filter is really flimsy but it’ll stay on just fine as long as you don’t move the mic around too much. Works plug-and-play with PS4 too, which was one of the features I was looking for but couldn’t find a specific answer.

Funny thing is, I bought it yesterday for $150, and now it’s on sale for $100 (which is actually $30 cheaper than the Yeti). Definitely going to take it back tomorrow and see if they can refund it, and if not I’ll just return it and get a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

No pop filter.

With pop filter and Taco Bell Fire Sauce for scale.


WTH? Taco Bell Fire Sauce in a bottle? Where did you get this?


Walmart :stuck_out_tongue:


I got for $9.99 Canadian a boxed Warcraft movie that includes some items for various Blizzard games. Unfortunately the cover has the female character which I didn’t want and so I am going to have to buy other versions. They had a version with the male orc on it but it had no sticker saying it had extras for the Blizzard games. I wanted to get these extras to give some of them to my brother who plays Hearthstone and whatever.


Got this a few days ago.

I ended up returning my Insignia mic because it did pick up quite a bit of background noise on the cardiod setting. Sound quality was good, and I could see how it would be got for recording because it picks up more sound than the AT2020, but not as good for gaming/streaming as the AT2020. If I were in a more controlled environment with acoustic padding, I would have kept it, but I’m just in my plain ol’ bedroom.

So this is what I ended up with instead.

First, I bought a 3 foot cable for my HD 558’s.


Then I bought a ModMic 5 since it comes with a short cable. I already had a ModMic 4, but I HATED having a big ol’ pile of wires sitting on my desk because they’re too long.


And I also got this TRRS adapter so I could plug it into my Mixamp Pro.


Final product. The cable is now nice and short. Just enough play to let me sit back in my chair, but not so much that it’s dragging on my floor. I’m really glad Antlion included the cable wrap, because I didn’t think the little clips they included are a very elegant solution. Sure, the cable is kind of stiff, but that’s fine because it’ll never get tangled up now.



Please excuse the cable mess :stuck_out_tongue:

Got the Rival 310 at Best Buy today. It’s one of my favorite shapes. Feels like they pushed out the right side maybe a couple mm, so there’s a tiny bit more of a hump, but nothing major. New rubber side grips are nice, and I love that the left and right clicks are split off from the shell now.


Cyber Monday coming up, will upgrade the RAM to hopefully 16 GB, put an SSD in it and exchange the CPU for one that has Intel HD 4600 graphics. As long as my budget will allow that…