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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


Sanity fuel.


the pointing stick is the best way to control a laptop with out a mouse.


what’s the names of the band(s)?


Moonsorrow, At the Gates, Death.


A literal pound of dice.

Insert is wrong, this is not the pound of D6

Distribution of types was kinda meh, but overall I’m pleased. Quality seems pretty good, and nothing was damaged even those these are supposedly factory “seconds”. Easy and reasonably cheap way to start out on dice for a new tabletop player.




What gun is that? I’m pretty sure it’s an AR-15 but I’m not 100% sure.


I need to get back into playing guitar, used to have one when I was younger. But my sisters broke it. I sucked at playing it so rocksmith could teach me so I might buy that to eventually.


It’s an ar15 pistol chambered in 7.62x39, 7" barrel




Just what the doctor ordered for some 4K gaming.


Joining a campaign starts tomorrow . does this scream noob? I’m sure it does.


Been a while, but here are a few of the many things I’ve got over the past months


Just in case you’re wondering about that last pic, it’s an R9 290, bad purchase IMO, no UEFI support unlike my GTX 770 which I replaced with this.

N.B. Something is wrong with the hotlink, unless otherwise…


LOL! Every single time I see a Dickies product I say to myself there is no way I could wear that brand. My goodness the name. PC stuff = always cool. As for the first thing I don’t know what it is and I guess I could look it up but I’d rather here from you what it is. Anyway enjoy what you bought.


Another Radeon HD 5970 ENG Sample, but this one works.


looks nice



For less than $3 Canadian I could not resist.

Also even if you have purchased from them before the code on their Facebook page for a discount still works when it should not. LOL!


Sorry for the blurry pic, but I already drank some before I noticed.

The one on the left is Ole Smoky apple pie moonshine.


about ~$400 for my new fileserver/vm host.
Need to spend about that much more for 8; 600 GiB, 10k rpm, 2.5", SAS drives, for storage.


Got a good deal on the Xeons, at $55 a piece when they usually go in the 70-80 range.


I’m kind of annoyed with amd because amd gaming evolved is messing with some of my games and with some games like prototype 2 that don’t like amd cards, I got it run for a little bit but now when ever I open it I get pitiful frame rates, I go back and find the fix for it but eh.