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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


Finally came in! I got the VE Monk from Massdrop, and some extra foam earpads.

Right out of the box, I’m very impressed. Here’s some initial impressions on sound compared to other earphones I own.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t really consider myself an audiophile. I don’t have a snazzy setup. When it comes to audio, I like convenient quality and affordability. I use Pi music player with the Flat preset equalizer, and I plug directly into my phone.

  • MEE M6 Pro > VE Monk >= Edifier P180 > Klipsch R6

I don’t think it’s a completely fair comparison (they’re not the same types of phones, or in the same price range), but I wanted to put these out like this because I honestly believe that the $12 ($5 when they’re available on Massdrop) Monks and the $20 P180’s sound better than the $60 ($80 when I bought them) Klipsch R6. If you want to block out external noises, I’d highly recommend the MEE over the Klipsch. If you’re an open-back kinda person then I personally prefer the Monks over the P180’s, but they’re pretty close. I think the Monks are a little better when it comes to clarity, but the P180’s have a little bit punchier bass.


Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 for $1.64 Canadian

It has coop play plus you can play 1 vs 1 (shark vs human) plus other online play.


Dead Effect 2 …

I tried the demo and it was amazing. Absolutely scary sci-fi and the best part is this game has coop so I bought 2 copies and it cost me less than $8 Canadian. : )


Just picked up Stardew Valley, and Hollow Knight. Already in love with Stardew Valley.


Whole bunch of PC stuff! Two Noctua 140MM fans to put on my kraken X62. I also got a Kraken G12 and X42 to cool my 1070. Little tiny heatsinks for the vram and what not also. Running some tests now with the current set up then putting it all in.


Well I got my dream laptops.

While not the best gaming thing available, this little L520 got done up purty I think. When I got it it had a shittly little spindle and 4 gigs of ram, so I threw in another 8 gigs @1600 and an SSHD. Thing boots as fast as my desktop now and is nearly equal in speed. The HD3000 seems to be better and better the better hardware I put in around it and the 2520M is cooled so well that it stays at its 3.2 ghz turbo. I love this thing.


This is probably my most exciting get but only because I really wanted it. Yes, its an ibook, and yeah it fits my meme if you know it of following around old shit, but why not learn about older platforms? This one specifically is exciting to me because its a working 2005 model! They aren’t rare, just difficult to get a hold of in relatively perfect condition.


I got an RX580 before they became worth 5 billion dollars to a crack head in the alleyway out back. I wanted a card that I knew wouldn’t arbitrarily never get worked on like my 370 was, but this thing has been great so far. I even get to use AMDGPU!

There are other things, like a bunch of mods that I did to a gaming laptop I have, some ancient CP\M software, some amiga stuff, but I think those warrant threads more than just a simple post.




I am hoping to switch to amd when vega gaming cards come out. What’s the deal with mining coming popular again? Seems like it’s ruining amd gaming for everyone.


I’m looking to make the switch too, but prices are freaking ridiculous right now. I want to get the Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+, but there’s no way I’m going to pay $575 for a $300 card just because a buncha assholes are buying out the whole market so they can re-sell for twice what they normally go for.


I’ve seen a few places you can special order a 580 for normal price but everything else they normally have is out of stock.

I think retailers are starting to do that so gamers can have a small chance


My brother was kind enough to buy this for me during the Steam Summer Sale and so far I have enjoyed it. It seems to have some sort of permadeath system. It also involves quite a bit of acrobatic abilities to keep you from getting wrecked by the enemies. It is a 2D side scroller that is easy on the eyes and for me I am liking the change where there isn’t much in the way of audio. I like what the characters say being just shown in text. Anyway a fun game and I streamed it tonight and will be playing it again soon.


Just pickep up the 2-glass set. Very pleased.


I am so glad I bought the sapphire r9 fury nitro for 360$ cad BEFORE the mining craze


I don’t care if it is a 2nd rate Skyrim type game I enjoyed the Two Worlds series and so I bought this expansion for it for $10.99 Canadian on Steam. : )



This is for my Work Laptop, another 8GB stick so now has 16GB and a 1TB SSD.
The Tiger Beer is there because drinking is required when installing Hardware

Coffee Table 30 Kiwis

Tree weta i found while Showering

R9 280x Vapor-X edition 160 Kiwis or 115 Merican
Guy that sold it thought there was something wrong with the cared as his PC would randomly shutdown, he said either PSU or card but didn’t have the Expertise to find out. - I have found no issues, Overclocked to 1160Mhz and now had Fresh thermal Paste Jut need a bit of a clean on the Heat sink fins

Last but not least, the Ruckus Puppy that i got form a tech show.


Picked up a cold brew coffee maker. Got tired of spending $3-4 on a little 12oz glass.

Also got a nice glass tumbler to go with it.




A squeaky fan somewhere in my case :frowning:

It’s not a big deal for now. I downloaded the Runescape launcher because I want to revisit it, and one of the fans started squeaking. It’s either the GPU or CPU cooler. Once I closed the launcher it stopped. Then I re-opened the launcher and it didn’t start again.

So for now I don’t feel like putting the effort into really figuring it out, or if I can even replicate it. If it starts again I’ll do some more testing.

Who knows, maybe it will start again, but not stop, and then I can get a new GPU or CPU cooler. I’ve been itching to work on my computer, but don’t have the need to upgrade anything at the moment.


Band shirts