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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


I’m a Formula 1 fan, but strangely, I never gotten a racing wheel, let alone, a racing sim cockpit, to play racing simulators. Well, that recently changed, where I decided to get a Logitech G920 (Yes I am a fanboy; most of my peripherals are from Logitech) and perfect timing as one local shop had a clearance sale and sold the wheel for 66% off.

I then ordered a wheel stand, so I can just hard mount the wheel and pedals on and have it easily tucked away on the side of my desk when I’m done playing.

I also used my phone and old iPad to have telemetry and what not display on them; that way, I can remove as much of the on screen display in game and just have mostly the track and no distractions on the monitors.


An Xbox One… to play with a friend and his dudes in certain games. Near instant buyers remorse. Tempted to return it.


I got one used a year ago. Sold it within a week. Slow system and the games looked like shit and 30fps was horrid


Yeah I got this one used as well so I can return. Probably will. I bought it to play Rainbow Six Siege with people. I have the game already on PC, but no friends play it on PC. So Tried it for XBone. Plays fine, but I hate the people I played with last night. The only reason I’m debating on keeping it is because my friend let me log into his live account, so i can download his games. ( all 240ish games)

That said… if anyone wants to play Rainbow Six on PC, let me know*

Edit: I can’t understand HOW 4 years in, the UI is still so laggy/inconsistent. I had to hard reboot it last night because I couldn’t load any apps or games, and when I press the xbox button, the guide would pop up for less then a second then vanish.

I don’t get it. I really don’t.


Ya, I wasn’t impressed with overall performance of the XBone either. I really don’t mind the graphics. I’m over that. I grew up on consoles, switched to PC for several years (still had consoles, but primarily on PC), and now I’m slowly leaning back toward consoles, and only exclusives on PC for the most part.

The Xbox was buggy for me as well, and it doesn’t handle games as well as the PS4. But the one thing I did like about it is how MS actually seems to care about what their customers want when it comes to the Xbox. Of course, this is probably largely due to the fact that Sony absolutely slaughtered them in terms of sales numbers. But regardless, it actually seems like MS is trying to make their customers happy. They got rid of the Kinect, lowered the price drastically, and are actually bringing real backwards compatibility for 360 games (as much as they can, at least).

Sony, on the other hand, charges you $20 a month to stream games you may already own. On the other hand, you will have access to games you didn’t already own as well. But if you’re like my friend who lives out in the country and has terrible internet, you’re fucked. Also, why the hell would I pay money to basically rent a game I already own?

Sorry, just a little rant lol.


I pretty much agree with you. The graphics on both consoles don’t compete with PC, but they are fine. I was playing Forza 6 on it a few minutes ago. Sure, Forza on PC is better, it’s fine. Runs OK too. The problem for me is that the Xbox UI is just too damn weird. Sometimes it’s OK, sometimes it lags or doesn’t work, doesn’t recognize it when I hit the Xbox button, etc. SInce most future Microsoft games will be on Win10, the ONLY reason to own an Xbox personally, is friends. But the group I played with don’t appear to be my cup of tea. As for Sony, I’m glad they are finally make good exclusive games, but they are def behind Xbox in terms of fan favorite things, like Backwards compatibility. TLDR, to each their own, I can see the appeal of Xbox, for me, nah.


mono block i pre-ordered came in :slight_smile:


1TB mechanical porn drive for 41NZD and a 256GB solid state porn drive for 99NZD

SSD looks to be used a lot previously. There’s still more of these from the seller I got from. Should I get more or just go for 512GB?


Chimay Premiere - One of my favorites.

Olympus OM-D EM5 Mk2 Olympus 17mm f1.8 Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro Olympus FL-LM3 (came with the EM5) Peak Design Leash 2 extra Olympus BLN-1 batteries Promaster tripod and head Promaster blower

I downsized this weekend. Local camera store was running a trade-in special for 10% extra cash, plus almost everything was on sale for Memorial Day weekend, so I got all this stuff without having to pay anything. Of course, in the big scheme of things I lost money (as with any trade-in), but my gear is much more pleasant to use now. I traded in my X100T, as well as my Pentax K3 ii with vintage lenses. It’s so much lighter and smaller, which equates to me bringing it more places, and much easier handling in general.

The tripod is pretty awesome. I had my Induro one a while back and almost immediately had buyers remorse, kept it for a little while, and then returned it. It was just too expensive, and since I don’t shoot professionally I couldn’t justify the expense. Then I bought an Amazon cheapy carbon fiber one made by Zomei, and it honestly felt pretty nice, but the locking ring went bad after two days of use, so I returned that. This one is about 1/4 of the price of the Induro, but feels just as solid. It’s smaller, and even a little lighter because the head isn’t as gigantic as the other one. It also has some screw-in mounts on the sides of the base plates, so you can attach clamps and arms for holding up reflectors, diffusers, lights, etc.


It isn’t too costly and you say you get to play with a friend so why not keep it?


I bought the 1889 season for Dave Koch Sports Baseball.


I disliked the people I would play Rainbow Six with. Besides him, I didn’t like the other guys. The Xbox games I would want to play, I can play on PC such as Gears and Forza.


I got the free trial for Xbox Game Pass for 14 days. So far so good even if it was hard to play Dig Dug with a controller.


I also got a free game, One Finger Death Punch, from Bundle Stars. They have a free mystery Steam key promotion going on right now. I got the offer by email so I would urge you to sign up and in the future you will get all offers from them. You still may be able to get the free offer now but other than email I haven’t found a way yet.


Finally I got an …

Xbox 360 (fat with 20 GB hard drive and controller) for $50+ from EB Games as I wanted more of these consoles for future system link gaming.

I also picked up the following games which have system link -

Finally …

I got what is considered one of the worst if not the worst console games of all time …


Oh, how I miss the old Halo’s. 4 and 5 were alright, but nowhere near as much fun as 3 and older were.


I bought 2 of these from EB Games (Canada) for $30 or so. I bought them really just for the cases. I will, in the future, be upgrading the size of the drives in these cases or may just buy some more external drives to use with the consoles.

Anyway I now have 5 consoles so I have backups in case my original dies but I also have enough now for system link which I have always wanted to try with a group of people and I will get to that someday … maybe …


A guitar.

Also got Rocksmith 2014 but that hasnt shown up yet lol.


Bought a data cabinet.


Ordered these on Massdrop, and they finally came! I misunderstood the description, so I ordered more than i needed, but it wasn’t expensive anyways so I’ll just keep em just in case.


a low miles 06 WRX


My PS3 12 GB Super Slim console is finally in the house and opened and I have never said this much if at all about tech but man it is so cute. : ) LOL!

In person it definitely looks cuter than in this photo.

Anyway I got it as a backup machine for playing 3D movies with the benefit being I can play PS3 games on it. I already have a 120 GB console that hasn’t gotten much use so it should be good for awhile but to get this for $30 was a no brainer. It came with a controller plus an HDMI cord not pictured. EB Games was getting rid of consoles and I got my share of them that is for sure. Hopefully they will have a sale like this again in the future.