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Post Things You've Recently Acquired



$200+ in winnings tonight at the casino and also some nice Easter presents from my mom.


Normally I am the definition apple users have of a “Hater”… this came down to price of the device and Linux driver support :slight_smile:


$60 comp from the casino for a nice meal for my mom, dad and I. : )


Microboard M340CLZ 34’’ Ultrawide 3440x1440

Diablo 3 Canvas Prints


Oh man that screen looks great.


It’s pretty damn good, my only 2 complaints are the glossy finish (which I’ll get used to) and a small tiny bit of ghosting with red/orange colors, but after the few days that I’ve had it I’m already not noticing it as much.


Welcome to the ultra wide master race! Enjoy!


Personally I like the finish, it’s more of a semigloss


As someone coming from matte displays, I think it’s just something I’ll get used to. But it’s one of those things you notice right away and is rather striking.


I won a game playing the HRK Drop Key game. I also got free games from GOG called Fantasy General and Saints Row 2.


Purchased this week.


Got my items from the Crit patreon


Got these for 10 bucks. Love demo disks, stormrise never played looked cool. Goblin commander I rented long time ago and loved it, hope it holds up


I don’t know how I feel about the razer headphones, did you like them?


I have an old pair of Carcharias from them, sound is decent, mic is terrible.
For the price Razer headphones are mehhhh but if you get them on sale quite decent.


I had a Carcharias as well and I think they were decent. I bought them several years ago, I think around $90, and they’re still holding up. They’re very comfortable too. I gave them to my friend about a year ago when he started getting into PC gaming.

I’m not a huge fan of the Kraken. They sound decent, but there isn’t much padding at all on the headband, and the earpads aren’t large enough (my ears rub the insides of the pads). A lot of people use them though. My ex loved hers. For the V2 model, they actually replaced a lot of the plastic with aluminum, so they should be very durable.

I currently have the Man O’ War 7.1 wireless and I was pleasantly surprised by them. They actually sound pretty good, especially being wireless, and the mic is decent. You can use the EQ in Razer Synapse if you don’t like how they sound out of the box. The only reason I don’t use them is because I’m not a fan of leather earpads and Razer does not offer cloth or velour replacements. They do have oval-shaped replacement pads though, so if you’re like me and you also don’t typically like round pads, that’s an option.

Of course, none of the gaming brand headsets are audiophile, top notch quality. But they’re also much more convenient than having a separate mic and headphones.


new cheapo shelf that kinda cleaned up the space… but not that well


Looks cleaner that half the disgusting desks covered in garbage I see on forums.

The shelf is cool though. Big wall of games.


Honestly I haven’t really played anything that has really needed them. I have been playing an old mmorpg a lot recently and only jumped on overwatch a few times. I had an issue with a corrupt RAID 0 and have not loaded all the games I like to play back on it. I am thinking about starting over on Fallout New Vegas, any recommendations on any games?

People in vent and Teamspeak say i dont sound like a robot anymore. So I think the mic is an improvement on the 10$ headset I would normally buy . I bought these on sale for around 100$. And stupid big box store didn’t really have a selection, It will be the last time I shop around Time Square.

I REALLY wanted to get the Sound Blaster H7, maybe I’ll still get them and use the ones I like the least as travel gaming headset.