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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


Ryzen 5

Also a gigabyte mobo with it.


You don’t need all those CPUs after you finish testing


they are

(i would post something on topic but i havent bought anything today lol)


I would Be quite Happy to Verify your Benchmarks :slight_smile:


Picked up a Nintendo Switch.

Would post a photo right now too, but I will later.
If anyone else has one you guys should add me as a friend! Made a thread on the forums.


Nice! I was trying to get one but they’re sold out everywhere.


“New User of the Month” badge.


I’m gonna come back here when I get my 212 evo


I got an old Compaq Portable III and it is glorious




Was amazing… Want the next one


I got the 212 evo and installed it, not gonna sugar coat it, the installation was difficult but I got it done and after trouble shooting a couple scares like the screen turning grey before it came to desktop, but it’s worth it because at stock my minimum temp was around 26 degrees and now it normally stay’s around 14 degrees.


-107$ for passing on a yellow light.


@Braysive sold me on Flatlander

then I saw a cheap copy of ringworld engineers (thats the book by it, may have lucked into a pricey copy for cheap)

and because I have no self control the rest found its way in the cart


I don’t like most books, are those good?


Gotta make mornings exciting somehow.


A new device for running arch linux :wink: Was looking for a PC with similar specs, minimum 1080p etc, ended up with a lot of acer and hp options… ended up getting an used MacBook Pro (i5) in mint condition for 280 usd :slight_smile:


These will be raplacing my 4770k with gskill sniper ddr3 1866 and msi gd65 gaming

ddr4 3200

ryzen 7 1700


I really love Apple’s hardware. They just feel solid and the trackpads are the best on the market.


Really? My wife has used mac books for the last 10 years maybe? Slow buggy crap is all I’ve seen when using if. Sure it’s metal and has a nice trackpad but they are far the over priced and seem to have that lovely apple self destruct after 2 years feature built in.

Don’t get me started on the apple tvs I have owner. My lord the absolute worst products ever!

Sorry had to rant. Bad day with the apple products in my house.