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Post Things You've Recently Acquired


I’m not sure if this has already been made, but I haven’t seen it on this forum yet.

Just post pics or descriptions of things you’ve obtained recently. It’s a fun way to show people things you’ve gotten that you’re excited about!

32GB SanDisk Ultra USB3 flash drive. I’ve been using my 3TB WD external hard drive to store files for work, which is totally overkill. None of the files are more than about a gig and I don’t have a whole lot of them, so now I can save some bag space and weight.

500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD. A little while back I took my SSD out of my personal laptop and put it in my mid-2012 MBP that I use for work (still had a 5400 RPM HDD from the factory and it was pissing me off how long it took to start or even just open some programs). Well, I didn’t have another SSD to put in my personal laptop so I haven’t touched it since then, so I got one today.

Duke’s beef sticks. I love this dude’s little meet rods in my mouth.


well, I got a unique model ship of the Golden Hind
Pain in the ass to build


k95 rgb


I recently acquired and assembled this. Know I just need to get some friends to actually play PC games with as all my IRL ones are to salty to do so. Which is freaking stupid because I have a degenerative bone disease (not looking for sympathy over it) and am stuck in a wheel chair all day so of freaking course I’m going to buy a nice PC it’s one of the few thing I can do and enjoy. Also in front of it most of the day when not taking commissions to build PC’s. I still need custom paracord wrapped cables a 4k or better monitor a corsair k95 rgb cherry MX brow keyboard and a corsair scimitar mouse some grado or audio technica’s and an objective 2 ODAC. But almost there to what has essentially been my dream machine saving these past 9 month’s.


NZXT Internal USB Expansion model IU01


I won London Knights tickets on Friday from my internet provider, Start Communications, and the good news is my son got to go to the game. He absolutely lives and breathes hockey.



That feeling when you get a disappointing loot box…


Logitech K400.

Bose Companion 2, because I was getting tired of having gigantic speakers on my desk and taking up a buncha space.


Just got myself a Gigabyte 1070.


My Naga was going bad on me (sensor would cut out), and Best Buy was having a sale for $40, so I got the Naga and the two year replacement plan for $45 total. I use this mouse for almost everything, and it’s an absolute necessity for WoW for me now. Just a super comfy shape, and the side buttons definitely come in hand for games that have a gazillion keybinds. I’d like to get it configured for photoshop stuff too some day.

Also got Titanfall 2. I’ve only played one round so far, but it was a lot of fun. Definitely satisfies my urge for a fast-paced FPS.


Got that keyboard for my android tv. It’s handy for the like of that but I dont think I could use it on a PC full time.


Ya I definitely wouldn’t use it full time. I got it for my Raspberry Pi.


i’ve recently acquired a taste for baby’s blood


Dirt 3 Complete Edition… free at https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-3-complete-edition-free-game

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon … free at https://club.ubisoft.com/en-US/ubi30

Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and Gears of War : Judgement (digital) for Xbox One… got these for free from an online friend. He wanted them to go towards my son’s Xmas present which is nice.

I also bought an Xbox One S bundle for my son for Xmas from a local store called Tepperman’s. It’s the 500 GB Halo 5 Guardians + the Halo Master Chief Collection version.

Also included in the bundle are:


Turtle Beach XO One Gaming Headset

Xbox One wireless controller

Nyko Charge Base (comes with 2 rechargeable batteries)

Two Adidas shirts on the cheap at Value Village in perfect condition for $20 or so. I love Adidas and if my whole wardrobe ended up being that in the next two years I’d be very happy. : )

Games I got from EB Games on the cheap recently ($4 and change or less) :

Games I got from EB Games somewhat cheap recently ($10 or less) :

Other games I got but can’t remember where they were all from :

I got this COD game for $15.

I got this game for $9.99.

A stupid purchase at the time for $19.99 as I thought I may have this digitally and did. It was bought at Shopper’s Drug Mart but 20x SDM Pts. helped lower the cost and then the SDM Pts. will be worth more in the upcoming Spend Your Points even with the store. Still sealed but can’t return but I will find a way to flip it with some turds and come out ahead on this. Also I may be able to gift it or use a trade promo to save myself on this one.

I didn’t really want to buy it as I was trying to get to $50 by buying only things I needed at SDM for the 20x SDM Points coupon I had loaded but ended up having to get this as things I usually buy there were not priced decently. About the game I wasn’t sure about it in terms of quality but it is a complete edition for $24.99 so I didn’t think it was too bad of a buy. Also like I mentioned I got 20x SDM Points so that helped and again with the Spend Your Points event coming up the SDM Points are worth even more. I also don’t think this would be too hard to flip with other crap if need be.


My goodness I got the wireless version of that mouse and it cost me 130$ in canada


This jumper it was on sale, for £55 while it normally sells for £69.50


because hugh mungus bone didn’t win the election
sad times :crying_cat_face:


I in fact got this from my election betting winnings lol


I recently acquired some dignity.

Kidding, something I got recently was a fan art print of Genji from Overwatch because I’m some sort of weeb. Also I got a Reaper Pop! figure when I went to the Overwatch Open Finals in Atlanta. <3

edit: here’s a pic of them: http://imgur.com/a/meenC