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Post cute animals pictures


This thread had to be made again.

I’ll start with Tutti, my boss’s mom’s dog. The poor thing started having seizures and occasionally epilepsy. It is in a good mood today.

Edit: Ugh, for some reason uploading pictures does not work on my side.


Might be a compression thing.


Dexter being chill AF

Dexter sleeping a bag

Dexter being a little shit under my old table

Dexter being an unhappy sailor

Dexter being Dexter





I don’t know which to make my avatar SO MANY DECISIONS

Edit: Profile and user card backgrounds. Problem solved.


Is it legal to post a picture of myself in this thread?

Jk, that would be weird.




So, I have a mom cat in my backyard (that I keep trying to ‘trap’ so I can get her fixed) and she had two new kittens.Sadly, one was abandoned by her and now I am it’s new mom.


Sad for the kitten that it’s mom left it, but high five to you for trying to help both of them!!


Dexter is cute AF


Here is Ficelle taking a break while I watch the revenant


This is now the third kitten I’ve rescued from the terrible backyard. I’m glad I’m the kind of person who will take in animals. Cause I don’t think anyone else in my neighborhood would.


Our family pet, Lobo. Just turned a year old. He’s a pure bred German Shepherd, but extremely passive. My wife made this collage. Not me.


Lobo has beautiful eyes - wow!



This is my dog. His name is Winston.


that’s a baby otter