Portland, arguably one of the most hipster towns in the US, has a lot of metal bands

I’m no metalhead, but I find it quite surprising that so many metal bands are here in Portland. #2 in the nation? Damn:


Metal = hipster music confirm?

Red Fang!!! …from Portland.

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My buddy and I just saw Gojira up there, it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. But yea, Ptown is very hipster.

You saw Gojira?..In Portland?..I was right across the street at the God Module show.

Were TessaracT opening for them? I just saw them in Montreal a couple weeks ago and TessaracT were opening…good god it was one of the most boring band I have ever seen. Was this just a bad night for them or you had the same experiance?

Gojira were fucking unreal tho. Great live band man.

I’d like to see a chart like this for bands in Canada.

Montreal’s probably the city with the biggest scene honestly.

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No, you are exactly right. Tesseract was boring as fuck. Maybe some people like that type of music, but I didn’t like it at all. My buddy and I both rolled our eyes during that part of it. It was also kind of a weird style to open Gojira with, but maybe they’re just helping out a smaller band with some exposure?

Gojira was fucking great though, I’ve seen a few other metal bands and they blew every one of them out of the water.

Yeah, man. It was awesome! Next time they’re around here, you should definitely go see them over any other band in town that evening. It was so worth being a zombie the next day and the two hour drive up and back to seem them.

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