Portland: A Creative Hub For Cosplay / Gaming Culture

I can see why Logan desired to establish his team, and enterprise in Portland.

While I have not visited Portland (being stuck in Australia), Portland looks like a great town where creative people can interact with like minded others (especially cosplay, and inter-connected gaming culture)

One of my interests is in ‘Cosplay’, and I am in the planning, and design stages of fabricating a Roman officer’s armour out of EVA foam for an event in 2017

(this will be my first attempt at EVA foam construction, and I wish to put my patternmaking skills, and latex repair skills to use)

It’s the only place I know of that had a free annual Star Trek show. sigh How I miss those days…

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Oh Wow, this looks like a great event, too :slight_smile:

And there’s the Portland Unipiper who randomly cycles past my office in the middle of the day… Yes, Darth Vader in a kilt is … normal?


Ha ha…Excellent :slight_smile: Great Stuff :slight_smile:

Why is ‘Cosplay’, and ‘Gaming Culture’ inter-connected?

Often Cosplay / Cosplayers base their designs on game-characters from not only games, but popular sci-fi movies as well.

A lot of time, and considerable effort is put into costumes, and for some cosplay designers this is a major commercial enterprise. An important aspect of cosplay, and cosplay design is that many do it purely as a ‘labour-of-love’ regardless of the commercial / financial aspect.


Nothing wrong with being ‘weird’ if that means being ‘individualistic’ in one’s approach to design :slight_smile:

That looks terrible… we should bring it back!

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