Plex Media Server on Raspberry Pi

hi all,

I’m having some issues getting Plex Media Server installed on a Rpi.
nearly every site/tutorial are using a repository on to obtain the Plex Media Server package, however when i have followed the instructions to the letter, i’m getting a 404 error.

has anyone got any valid instructions for doing this or has a workinh Rpi SD they can backup into a zip for me to extract to an SD?


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tried ?
its also a media server

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Have you tried RasPlex? I used this for a while on my Pi Model B. Pretty simple and smooth running.

Edit: Wait, are you trying to run a server on the Pi or a client to playback content? RasPlex is for the latter. In the instructions you posted, the repo may be either moved or down, hence the 404 error. Try following these instructions here

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i was trying to make the Pi the server, but others have told me it is totally under powered to run as the server.

think i’ll just build a silent pc as the server when i have more cash!

Depends on which RPi you have.