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Please stop me from doing this


Hey man why you gotta be like this come on that’s not nice like what was that about I didn’t do anything to deserve this what’s your problem :crying_cat_face:


oh yeah well your house smells of fursuits yeah how ya like that one try that on for size o damn


my house smells of lilac and gooseberries.


Ah the noxious odor of Summer’s Eve



Ok so I restrained myself from buying a Fury X. I think what I’ll do is wait until march to see what AMD has up it’s sleeves then decide if I go team Red or team Green. But damn me…team green is acting like assholes these days. Wtf is going on with their login for drivers and telemetry!


Shit you found me

What is your current profile pic/what does it mean?

I love that.


Good man, this waiting game is difficult, sometimes tempted to grab a 1080


I lost the game and got a 1070. Welp.


Not a bad choice but now you’re a shill…



For what it’s worth, I’m on a monitor that supports Freesync, so once AMD releases VEGA or something, I may hop to that, then use this 1070 for a future build.