Please stop me from doing this

I am about to buy a fury X for 400CAD, in order to upgrade my 290x because I can’t stand the heat it produces and I really cannot wait any longer for the rx 490. Tell me this is a bad idea. Mock me, beat me, please keep me away from the Buy it now button

This is a bad idea.

(even thought I just bought a 1070 today and want to get a 490 or something in the future.)


it’s your money man, do whatever u want

Any reason why you’re sticking with AMD? Nvidia is making some pretty efficient/low temp cards at the moment.

I kind of always go for the underdog. But also there are a couple of things that annoy me with NVIDIA, like you pay premium price but you don’t really get the best in technology.
Raw fps is good tho,
but it lacks DX12 techs,
the gains on vulkan are less than what you’d expect (8-10% vs 25-45% AMD),
I hate their GSYNC $$$$ propaganda (seriously there’s FREESYNC right there),
now you have to register an account for driver updates,
Premium high prices,
The future is uncertain, but with AMD holding strongly the console markets, technology-wise AMD cards may age better than nvidia cards (mostly dx12, async compute etc)

I am very well aware that Nvidia has better performance. I just can’t get myself to buy from this company ever again.

So when we went by the last name it was AMD… this time it’s Nvidia? ;p /s

To be honest, atop what Deathspell said, they’ve done some shady things recently apparently. Sticking telemetry in their drivers.

I did get a 1070, for my games now, it’s the best choice for me. That said, I can not wait for the next killer AMD GPU. Then I can take advantage of my Crossfire compatible monitor. Hopefully Vulkan/DX12 takes off soonish and AMD will shine there as well.

Winter is here soon. You will like the extra heat the 290x produces. Do not buy any other cards.


Don’t do this.

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A fury x doesn’t pump less heat into a room than a 290x…

But the Fury X itself is cooler, better cooling is important.
Heating up the room with a single GPU is not a big deal, you could save like 100W on that, but thats it. You will not notice it.

But i would not go with AMD right now. The 480 is meh, middle class. It is a good card, but nothing that you trade your 290X for. Switching GPUs should be an improvement overall, not just in the cooling department. I would suggest a decent 1070 instead, this is one of the best middleclass cards out there so far. Cool, the performance is good, the price is good.
AMD has to learn that not only the raw performance counts, design, cooling and everything else counts too!

I think first they need to release a card that is actually an upgrade over the previous generation and isnt designed for budget builds…

Bad Idea. GTX 1070 is a better Idea.

wait for HBM2

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March 2017 I think?

What have you tried; to alleviate the heat issue. Changing out the thermal paste can often give you quite a few degrees back.

Changed the thermal paste and thermal pads on the vrms. But my 290x is the MSI gaming version, and I heard they recycled the Nvidia cooler on this one so it is not an adequate cooling solution. Nevertheless, 290x will top at 94 degress.

EDIT: I have the 4770k @ 4.2 with a dark rock 3 cooler and I would like to push it to 4.4ghz but with my 290x pushing all this hot air into the case it’s a no go. I’d either have to buy a reference design AMD card, fury X or go with like everyone says, a Nvidia card.

I have the money for a gtx 1080, but the fury X is like half the price and still holds itself in 4K. I’d much rather buy the 400$ fury X and sell it once the next AMD cards are out and blow 800-1000 on AMD. I just hope I don’t put too much faith in their 490s

Ah yeah! HBm 2 is going to be sweet!

As someone who had a furyX. The water cooling is nice. But over all the card is underwhelming.

You smell like a house full of cats.

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