Please help

I cant get windows to download. It loads for about 3 seconds, then freezes. What is going on?

Download what: updates, files, etc? Please be specific.

which version of the windows is it? Some versions just do that unless you know the special trick.

Where are you downloading this from? What version of Windows are you using?

Windows 10. Off usb. On a brand new build.

Right, so you download the .ISO from Microsoft here.

Next you burn the image with a iso burner like Rufus.

Then after that you boot to the USB from the boot menu, typically by pressing F11 key on boot. Be sure to boot the drive in UEFI mode. In the boot menu it will say UEFI: flash drive. You do not want to install in legacy MBR mode.

If the drive fails to boot, make sure you disable safe boot from the UEFI/BIOS.

If the drive still does not boot then try using a different USB as it could’ve gone bad.

Ok so if makes it to the purple windows screen, then i cant get a single mouse or keyboard to work

What type of ports are the mouse/keyboard connected to? USB2 or USB3? Try connecting the devices to USB2 ports, sometimes windows won’t have the correct drivers to be able to load USB3 during installation.

Im connecting to usb2 ports. I even went out and got a cheap ps2 keyboard which didnt work either.

Keep in mind once you plug these in you need to reboot the system.