Plan on upgrading Audio / Mic, plan on,Game Streaming. will it work?

Hey. so my crappy pair of Logictech PC Speakers decided to stop working. Decided to overhaul my setup with Music, Media, Possible Game Streaming (in near future) in mind.

The equipment i want to buy:

Monitors: KRK Rokit 5 Gen3
Headphones: (Already have a Pair)
Microphone: Audio‑Technica AT2020
Mixerboard: Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Mixer with Effects

This is what i have selected so far. my main concern is whether i would need to buy a Microphone Pre-Amp? or a DAC for my headphones? i am still pretty new to Audio stuff and 1 friend told me that the Yamaha Mixerboard is all i need for the headphones / mic… yet my other friend is telling me the opposite and that i need both pre amp and a dac?!

FYI: this setup will be used mainly for my main desktop which i mostly listen to music, movies, play video games. i will eventually do some live gameplay streams on Twitch hence the reason for spending on a decent mic. Any suggestions, tips, information would be really appreciated.

First, welcome to the forums!

On to the questions,

Nope. That mixer has 48V phantom power, which is all you really need to get a microphone going.

It looks like the mixer can also act as a DAC, so you probably won’t need another DAC. You might need an amplifier though, but that depends on the headphones being used.

Just for my opinion, I think you could go for something cheaper than that Yamaha mixer. I’ll admit that I’m not fluent in the world of audio mixers, but that Yamaha seems rather expensive compared to something like the Behringer UMC204HD. From what it sounds like you don’t need much more than a Mic In with power.

That’s just my opinion though.

Also tagging @Logan because he could shed some light on the topic since he is the primary host of Crit and all.

Thanks for the reply, i noticed i have failed to list which headphones i am using (Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.) the main reason i was interested in that Yamaha mixer was the amount of I/O plugs available, the 3 band mixer & i’d prefer to use XLR over TRS for my speakers if possible (already have the cables.)

If anyone has any other cheaper suggestions on an interface that has XLR in XLR out, +48v for my Mic, 3 band mixer, and FX (if possible) with a minimum of 6 channels i would really appreciate it. i really like the smaller Yamaha MG06X but from my understanding it doesn’t have a built in DAC / Bi- Directional USB and its only dual band mixer.