Pistol's New Editing Rig & Setup Tour | Intel i9 Upgrade & Build Video

Originally published at: https://teksyndicate.com/pistols-new-editing-rig-setup-tour-intel-i9-upgrade-build-video/

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Pistol decided to move back to the land of tougher people and vulgar jokes, so we decided to upgrade her PC before she left. It all started with the discussion of AMD vs Intel… and I’m usually going for AMD for the value ratio, but there still is a king for gaming and that is the i9 9900k. Also, it’s no slouch with streaming and productivity, so it easily wins for this PC.

Parts used:

I watched the video and the same OS drive is being used in this system as in the previous one where it lived. I’ve always been curious about this.

Are there any reliability problems? Can you safely do this? Driver problems? It sound incredibly appealing to just Olympic torch your OS drive onto your new system. :smile: But what’s generally best practice about this?