Pinebook, a linux laptop based on pine64

I saw this new piece of hardware this weekend, have you guys seen it?

I think this is amazing! This is the kind of machine I was looking for. I would have bought the pine 64 board and hooked it up to a tv, but in this form factor, the pinebook is most useful for me. I could install all the gaming emulators that I need and hook it up to a tv, but I could also use it anywhere.

I’ve also seen that it can run my fav linux distro, ubuntu so I’d install ubuntu gnome on it, and maybe an instance of windows IOT and try to make some games run on it.

Would you buy the pinebook and why?


I’d acquire one because it’s cheap, screen seems adequate, specs look decent, and it has enough ports to be useful.

Hmmmm, I might have to get me one of these, been looking for a cheap laptop to ssh on the go.
Wondering if the GPIO pins are accessible, I would want to see the inside of that thingamajiger.

Thx 4 the post!!

If they make the pins available it’s the best laptop on earth, ever. I could use it at work to test automatic systems.