Phone Update Q4 2018

Have been a power user of my LG V20 and it has seen me through a good couple of years of web and e-commerce development as well as serving me for my needs in network and system architecture. But even with a fresh battery with a late 2017 manufactured date, it is very slow, WiFi is completely unreliable, and the camera has become a potato. This leaves me in a good season of picking a replacement.
Ruled out are the following devices:
Samsung - horrible launcher UI and baked in Samsung BSloatware
LG - once bitten, the LG launcher is terrible and the inconsistent allocation of android updates

OnePlus 6
OnePlus 6T
Pixel 3XL

I currently use Verizon for service but will be switching to Project Fi after my update/upgrade. (I am aware that you must have a Pixel or Nexus device to activvate the Fi SIM before it can be used in most unlocked phones).
What are y’alls thoughts on the mobile device arena this season?

I’ll start by saying I have no valuable input here, I know shit about phones.

How does this happen? It is crap compared to modern ones or has it gotten worse. If its gotten worse, how? Damage?

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It is now so slow in operation that every single shot is blurry.

Have you tried formatting the phone? Generally formatting the phone should bring it back to near new performance. If you still want a new phone then sure, but I’d say give a format a try and see if its back up to original speed.

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I will likely try to wipe it and set it up just as a content device and remote (because IR blaster) once I update. I cannot really afford downtime that is necessary to reconfig the device for my needs.

I have never been a fan of Android. I bought an HTC and 2 Samsung phones. The first (HTC) was fairly simple to root and install Cyanogen Mod, but the piece of shit digitizer failed after less than a year. The Samsung phones were just constantly head-up-ass levels of data mining.

I stick with the cheap iPhones now. I had a 5S and now the SE is good enough for me. I hate Google, Apple and Microsoft equally. At best, I just hate one less than the other 2 depending on what they are currently doing, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them all run out of business by some sociopathic Chinese corporation who would at least do things correctly in the long run.

I still use a 2013 Xperia M, with LineageOS and without Google stuff on it. Without the google stuff it runs real snappy. The only thing that I’d love to have is a nicer camera (convenience…) but that’s about it. It’s got NFC, it’s got an SD-card slot - it’s got a headphone jack and cost me < 100 bucks back in 2015. So perfectly usable still unless you like, want to do crazy 3D things I guess

Formatted it yesterday, and have been struggling to recover from verfied backup. Nonetheless, the handset microphone no longer functions…but the format did improve the overall speed but it is infuriating t use now that everything is jacked up and out of order.