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Hey guys i received a job offer to work at the Boeing plant in Gresham Oregon to bring their infrastructure up to par. It would require me to relocate from the southwest and i am curious what the area is like and if accept the position should i look somewhere else as a potential place to live? I should also add I do not know anyone there it would be a completely new experience.

You go by Hippie Tree on a gaming and tech forum. You’ll probably do just fine in Portland.


Amazing food, really good beer, food trucks and food carts everywhere, laid back, dive bars, maker spaces, inexpensive for most things, no sales tax, nerdy, rain, hills, trees.

People are somewhat passive and not as aggressive as in Seattle. I’m blunt and that gets interesting, but I don’t care. People may think I’m a little rude at times, but it’s usually funny.

There are “hipsters” but it’s not like most think. In NY the hipsters were all battling to be the most elite weirdo… the most esoteric… and it was mostly a status thing… “You’ve probably never heard of this band…” Here it is, “Hey, check out this weird band.” I find the 'hipsters" here to be a non-issue. So, unless you hate kids who wear thrift store clothing, sip medium roast coffee, and talk about their favorite IPA annoying, you will be OK.

The political situation is pretty far left but people usually leave you alone unless you attack them… The SJWs might call you out if you say something that “offends” them… but I don’t care enough for it to bother me.

The indie gaming scene is awesome here too… basically what Braysive said was right on.

It’s big enough that you can find what you like.

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