PC Gaming VS GPU Mining: Logan's Two Cents | Rant:30

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This week, Jay from JayzTwoCents made a video titled, “Is Crypto Currency Killing PC Gaming”. It’s sensational and it panders to the PC Master Race community, but it does little to address the problem (not much does and it sucks). It’s merely a circle jerk for hits. We have our own sensational video where we both agree and vehemently disagree with Jay’s righteous stance. Basically, we are all for gaming and all for crypto currency. Check it out and let’s get this discussion started. Keep it civil.

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I just want to be able to upgrade my gpu and feed my kids.


I never understood blaming miners for what is clearly a supply problem. I’m not a miner but I always liked the idea of digital currency, kinda like saying fuck you gov. we have our own way doing things.


That’s the biggest thing. It’s a big “fuck you” to the banks and governments. It’s making millionaires who would have never been able to get there using the system… the status quo is broken now…

Please, make a video about which coins you should mine, which os and programms you would use.

best regards


This would actually make a killer video - I know SO many people don’t know how to get started, wallets to consider, shit to mine, etc… Make something straight forward, to the point so I can share it with people asking me all the time - please. lol


But banks and exchanges like Chicago Stock Exchange are investing in it as well.

Crypto currency in general is broken. Since everyone veiws it as an asset even if you could use it in your day to day life people would be too afraid to buy a cup of coffee with it in fear of the value going increasing.

Not to mention the value of coins being a bigger circle jerk than the currency backed by our government.

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Let’s say there was an option to keep all your money in one safe coin… then the ability to spend money with your phone for zero fee and it was something you could do everywhere… would you rather do that than keep your fiat? That hasn’t happened yet, but they should figure it out.

True… the exchanges are speculating rather than directly trading… and they have some ability to mess with markets, but they are pretty far behind. Also, they can’t control all of it even if they use some of it… like ripple and such. They will never be able to fully take it over.

That’s my main concern, no coin is as stable as the dollar, government control helps to stabilize it

I don’t know if I agree with this. I think the biggest destabilizing factor is that I can’t use it to buy a bigmac and large coke.
If I can’t ever actually use it to buy things then it’s not worth anything. My concern using it to buy things would be that I can’t take my bitcoin and buy a car. I can take my bitcoin, send it to an exchange, hope the exchange doesn’t lose it cough Mt. Gox/BTCe cough, exchange it for USD, transfer it to my bank account and then and only then can I maybe use it.

Being able to directly buy things with your money stabilizes things as it gives you a sub conscious idea of how much things are worth. I know a bigmac is like $5-6. I know a 7/11 Pizza is $5. These things are known and expected. If I had to wonder how much those things were going to be worth each time I entered the store I wouldn’t use it, which is what is happening.

All I know about this is I even had a GTX 1080 Ti for awhile that I wasn’t using enough and didn’t use it for mining. Right now I am back to a GTX 670 and on my son’s pc it has a GTX 760. We pay no electricity here. Is there anything worth mining with an older pc? Btw the cpus we have are an i5 2500k and an AMD FX 6300. Oh and about the GTX 1080 Ti I had … I want it back as playing Doom (new version) on pc tonight was horrendous even with so much turned down and off. I am better off playing it on console at this point.

Oh and about banks, the dollar, crypto currency well since I have to deal with it I want more of it but really with my politics I’d just like to say what I used to say …

Die commerce die.