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That makes sense

The good old days… Hope to see it return

Oh man I love those videos!

Hey Logan, will you guys make it aright with the youtube channel?

I’ve dug through your videos and you get 1/3 views with crit show from what you were achieving with the tek last year. The same goes for most of your videos except for the Korean monitor one you did couples months back. And don’t take this wrong please, I’m just caring for you guys I love your stuff.

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Its kinda a situation of “they got what they wished for”.

1/3, 2/3 split.

2/3 of the audience preferred just the tech stuff. When the split happened, they stayed.

I enjoy Crit content too, but it is still a long road to recovery.

I can’t speak specifically for the crew but when I was there, we had some cool projects in the works.

Unfortunately with adpocalypse combined with YouTube’s mysterious who-knows-if-your-subs-are-getting-these-videos platform, it is going to be truly a grind.

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I much prefer the updates on discord to keep me in the loop when a new video is out.

Apart from subbing on patreon, the only way I know how else to help around here is to be active in the forums. So I’ve been sharing my coding projects. Guess I’ll just have to do more projects as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello, it’s been awhile. Could you fix the patreon link?

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Updated, thanks for the heads up.