Patreon, Projects, Zweihänder, & others

This topic will serve as a thread to keep up with what is going on, what we need help with, what you can get involved with, etc.


We are going to do our thing. If you like it, please give us a hand. Frankly, it’s been almost impossible to pay bills since the breakup and we did deserve some of the hate. We committed ourselves to certain things and didn’t deliver. This time I have decided to not promise specific content because it severely limits the scope of our creativity. So, we are going to do our thing and we are grateful to anyone who can help. We will give back in any way we can and I’ll be happy to open up about where all the money is going.

First, we need to get some people hired to focus on Tek Syndicate content (hardware, builds, etc.). I will be focusing a lot on “big picture” stuff and the Zweihänder game. I’ll still be in lots of videos, but I want to make sure we don’t neglect the nerdy stuff.


More Info Soon

Zweihänder Game

Yes, this is still in development. The game is an action RPG with some major twists.


Zweihänder is an action/adventure game with RPG elements set in a fictitious world resembling 1500’s Europe. Books, art, artifacts are all being destroyed by an evil church syndicate. Players will take on the role of a “Battle Librarian” who is trying to preserve as much history as possible. During the game they cross paths with a bored demon who sends them back in time to change history. The choices you make in the past determines the future you return to. Players have the option to freely explore the world, whether or not they are on a quest.

Why This is Unique: Multiple 2D Paths in Our 3D World

The key gameplay element that sets this apart from every other game is our unique world navigation system. The character is locked to a 2D spline, but since the world is 3D we have freedom to curve the spline or even split the path into different directions.

In the above image, our player can turn north and go deeper into town (perhaps to visit the market or the tavern) or he can continue heading east. Each quest and side quest will activate new loot, foes, and story elements and many of those will depend upon the path you choose.

Watch for Future Projects - Feel free to ask questions or post ideas below.


I’m assuming they will need to be in the Pacific Northwest to keep things under one roof?


I just resubscribed to patreon as personal tier till the first payment then i’m just gonna do something a little smaller. Consider it me catching up on things so you don’t starve to death :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to have Doug be an Easter egg in the game. Also, will the staff be in the game somehow? I suggest a large, floating @Logan head that shoots fire as a boss. Get it, cause you’re the " Boss ".


@Logan Regarding any future events, such as LAN Syndicate, would you ever need any kind of medical help at the event? I am wanting to start trying to attend events in the community now that I’m out of the military. I now work in EMS, and if I could make the events, I could provide free first aid at the events I attend.

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@Logan Very aroused.

Just backed 25. I expect my chicken scratch, personalized threat.


How dare you request a personalized threat! Fine! I shall make it so.

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Send the threat in a glitter bomb!

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If I get a glitter bomb I’m going to regret every decision that has lead me here. Lmao

those are the best videos on the internet and should be studied in video production courses . . .


I am pleased by this.

Send the threat in annoying clingy packing peanuts.

I live about an hour and 30 minutes from Portland, so I could help with odd jobs, LANs, events, etc. If you need anything, let me know.

How come LAN Syndicate 2 is going to be in Missouri this year?

Seattle was too far away for most of the country (I flew from Detroit)

kansas city is in the middle

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