OS X without hardware

We all know that apple hardware is crap 3 - 4 years old. But most people buy it for the OS X. " I think".
I would imagine if apple just sold the OS, they would make more money. Hell they might as well, They are basically ignoring their hardware refresh dates. What are your thoughts???

Apple is all about control. They want you on their platform, on their hardware, in their ecosystem.

At this point, they don’t even like the fact another company (Intel) makes their CPUs and will soon be making their own chips for the macs. They would never piece out any single part of their ecosystem.

Additionally, a big part of this is for simplicity. You just buy the machine, and you use it. You don’t think about the hardware or the OS. You just buy it and use it, and next year, if you’re a “real apple user”, you’ll buy the next iteration as well.

I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’d imagine Apple makes a killing off of selling old hardware for premium prices. They’re also all about optimization, which is part of the reason why they have such strict hardware requirements.

That too.

I doubt they’d ever release MacOS for just any hardware.

Ever Heard of PowerPC. That kinda was apple CPU in the 1990s and almost put them out of business, the CPU was made by motorola. I don’t think apple will build a CPU for laptops nor for desktops, ever again. Maybe for their iphones.


Keep up bro

I’m not sure if that’d be enough to hurt them too much nowadays though. There would have to be a lot of big-name developers that stopped making stuff for Mac. Smaller companies may cut Mac support, but I I think companies like Adobe will keep making Mac software.

Well they are making OS X, more like IOS. So who knows. Apple has a lot of cash, to fail without crashing this time, unlike early 1990s. But in All I am not a mac fan man boy. IT IS REALLY A CULT TO THE STUPID.

If they made it so you could run iOS apps on Mac, I think they’d do really well for themselves. And honestly, that would be pretty cool. I bet that’s what they do eventually. I seem to recall something loosely related to that at WWDC '18, but it could also be a false memory.

Google is already doing something sooorta similar to bring the mobile and desktop worlds together, but so far it doesn’t sound like as smooth of a solution, and you’re very limited by Chromebook hardware.

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Darn, Apple doesn’t even sell genuine OEM iPhone parts to third-party stores for repairs and they’re (as I’ve heard) going to make iPhone (iOS actually, same thing, nobody cares) brick itself if the phone detects third-party parts.
That, ending support for OpenGL on Mac, other stuff - it looks like they’re actively working on ruining their company. If they are I would like to help.

First I’ve heard of them dropping OpenGL support. Holy fucking shit that is stupid.

The Motorola 68k series processors that powered the Macintosh certainly put Apple behind everyone else, but the PowerPC chips (developed by Apple, IBM, and Motorola collectively) actually gave Apple a significantly more competitive product compared to Pentium based PCs of the mid to late 90s, and led to the iMac G3 which on its own dug them out of their financial hell in less than 2 years.

I really think the IPOD dug them out of financial hell. IMO

No it was certainly the iMac G3. Apple had been in decline until 1998 and turned a substantial profit after the release of the G3. That system alone was netting them over $300 million annually and sold more than a million units before the end of the first production year. It was substantially successful and is widely known as the pivotal product that dug Apple out of ruin.