OMG A fat woman's armpit, for 5 days, over the face, ... it was so dark ... (sniff) (wheeze)

OMG A fat woman’s armpit, for 5 days, over the face, … it was so dark … (sniff) (wheeze)

So I only survived 5 days but I was not going to make it much longer no matter how hard I tried to breath. Windows 10 was just that sweaty & hairy. Yes I did voluntarily install it and I realise I had 10 days to play with it, and it, get to know my life. It now knows more about my 11 Alias’s than I do. How will it cope or to that matter, what will it compute when it enters my Linkedin files with my Windows credentials and Fakebook names. I hope it fries a sever or three. I honestly had flashbacks of my childhood watching Mr Sniffalotagas and Big Bird all over again. “The Count” laughing “Put the cursor over the BIG BLUE Square” and clickerty the L for Left Mouse button on your “Left” Shit MS, GROW UP FFS. at this rate windows 11 will be a mad farm yard and 12 will be 2 fluffy kittens, one for ON and one for OFF and the recession of MS will have done a full cycle.
“7” was hot on TV and it’s pretty good on my PC. Logan! seriously? you have to get off that heavy tinfoil hat metal music, it’s going to your head. Las tam I listen t you boy. ya hear.

Ps BullShitt 10’s faster once you know how to tweak 7. (Just follow Maks Hack from the TekSyndicate Archive)

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Other than the telemetry stuff, I don’t get what’s bad about Windows 10.

Then again, I’ve never been one for optimization and all that when it comes to desktops/laptops. I just buy the hardware to make it run fast.

I to have witnessed the destructive power of Windows 10. I saw three people get sucked into the “armpit”, some of them willingly. They are gone now… Forever changed… Only I remain.

My mother and brothers are using Win 10 on new computers now. I swear I have a brain aneurysm every time I have to do anything in post Win 7. I was trying to do some Arduino dev work and I needed to scan for a bluetooth device while also being able to access a serial terminal. No. Fuck you. You need a FULL SCREEN TAKEOVER MENU! I was completely unable to do what I needed to. I either needed to connect a second screen, or to try to break windows. I now run Start is Back and Metro Mix to fix Windows 8.1, which is just sad.

Thankfully I’m not a huge gamer anymore and can totally jump ship from Windows. If I wanna game at some point I’ll dedicate a machine entirely to that. I also have a Windows laptop because I run an MSP and every single server or desktop I manage runs Windows, and a handful of Macs. I could probably ditch Windows on that though if LabTech has a Control Center app for Linux.

UPDATE: 30 months + and decided to build a new corona gaming PC , thrown win10 onto a M.2 crucial P5 for games only (Logan gets a kick back). plus web stuff to run games since the new ones are stuck that way nowadays, (insert Muttley under breath grizzle here) still running7 and XP on my main PC’s (airgapped) sweeeeet. . plus a totally new account and burn phone just for gaming. Even got a new birthdate and name. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds after the earth explodz.(data lag) (0RRdependin-onHOWtheCRONAvirasGOEs) hows are yous doing out there? hope everyone has missed this virus. Be safe. Peace

So what’s you’re saying is Windows 10 is better than Linux?