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Hi all,

Excuse the newbie post. First one here… So hello to everyone :slight_smile:

To my topic… I have just found my old amiga comadore 500. insert blast from the past thought and with the weekend is getting nearer and I was thinking of getting it up and running again for old times sake. It’s been over 20ish years since I last saw it or powered it up… Anyone have experience with them or other old tech, what would you recommend doing first? Or safety ideas/points as I don’t want to just jump in and possibly fry it…

Any hints or tips would be appreciated.


Most of my collection is the 8086 to 486.
There is a huge collection of old computer resources on the web, allot more then 20 years ago. If your like me all your obsolete computer links got erased 2 or 3 upgrades ago.
BTW list most of my collection to vermin in garage. Usually the capacitor goes, the old ones were foil and paper wrapped in a cylinder with a cap, when they go they make a pop.
unfortunately everything has moved from newsgroups to private forums. I would start with searching for collectors and the like. Most stick to the old ways of free links to stuff of interest (remember those:)) and of course the obsolete computer museum is still up.
Please Please post some pics!!!

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Unless it’s been stored in harsh conditions I bet it works just fine, might be a bit of a shock at using a slow floppy drive again.

When I’m feeling nostalgia about Amiga or want to play lemmings I use emulation software. http://www.lemonamiga.com/
still has a ton of old software archived.

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Thanks for letting me know about that’s stuff. Will definitely search online for other help. Much appreciated.

I forgot about the emulators… Might give that a look at if I get 5 at work. Thanks.

To be honest, I am not sure what condition it is going to be. It was stored in an attic for the last 20ish years. Gonna need to clean it first… I think… Haha thanks for the replies.

Edit: pictures up later this week haha


kickstart roms are needed to get the emulator to work, 1.3 rom for amiga 500 emulator is what’s needed. one of those grey areas where they’re still under copyright by Amiga so they can’t legally include them with the emulator program


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Damn I’ve wanted an amiga, but I’ve got a c64. I’ve not much experience with them, but iirc they used IDE storage, and in that case i’d recommend you get an sd-to-ide adapter. Huge r/w time improvement

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Would the board take a bigger hdd? As I have other older drives…

Interfaces available in Amigas

   A500 - None
   A600 - IDE (2.5")
  A1200 - IDE (2.5")
  A1000 - None
  A2000 - None
  A1500 - None
  A3000 - SCSI (3.5")
  A4000 - IDE (3.5")
 A4000T - SCSI (3.5")
   CD32 - None

500 required an interface to add a hard drive to it, and back in the day it sure wasn’t cheap


Wow, back in the day technology eh? Haha :joy: will definitely need to clean the dust off it and try to boot it up first. Then I will be able to check what’s needed. In a way I am looking forward to it and in another way I am not… Must admit I would love it if it just worked haha :joy: