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Office Dance Party | The Crit Show 0017


Originally published at: https://crit.tv/office-dance-party-the-crit-show-0017/

We want to make these a bit more random. This week:

Lian Li Desk
A Moment With Doug
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Intro music:
Based on Techno from Homestar Runner:
Let us know what you think in the comments.


Skits are getting better


I just couldn’t watch this one with this title.


Fun and silliness are often just called cringe online… though I do love awkward/cringe humor. Anyway, if this is too much you don’t have to watch it. I’d rather take the show in a more fun direction.


That intro lmao


I need that Lian Li Desk . projector seems to work nicely. wait a minute, no tinfoil hat this episode. What are you trying to hide.


no… they are on to me.


The system is down, that’s why he doesn’t need a tinfoil hat… Wait…


Yes I know I don’t have to watch it and I didn’t. I was just sharing my view here.