Odd POST issue, need to combine some thoughts here

Hey all, have lurked these forums occasionally and finally decided to join.

tl;dr - watch the video

Built my new rig roughly 3 months ago, runs absolutely great. I have one small problem though, one that does not hinder performance but is more of an annoyance if anything.

Occasionally, my PC fails to pass the POST. Here is a video.

This does not happen daily, sometimes doesn’t happen all week but if I had to put a time on it, I’d say it occurs roughly once or twice every two weeks. I’ve tested RAM, PSU, all seems okay. Temps are all good when gaming and so are my voltages and everything runs flawlessly. So I’m rather stumped and have singled out the motherboard.

As you can see there are no beeps, it just restarts, starts back up, then passes it’s POST. BIOS setting or motherboard maybe? Now I can game for hours on end and try to get the problem to replicate itself and it doesn’t. To be quite honest, the BIOS on this particular board is over my head. Possibly a RAM setting? BIOS is currently set to optimized defaults. Any help here is appreciated, am willing to take pictures of all the BIOS settings if anyone can help in any way. Here are the specs.

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra BIOS Version F4
i7-6700k not OC’d
Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1070
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 PC4 17000
Corsair HX750

Do you have your PC always on the power plug (don’t know the word for it) or do you turn of the power when you don’t use it? Because when my PC wasn’t connected to electricity and after that I turn it back on, it does exactly the same.

I’d try a BIOS update. If you did not do it yourself, it says on your box that it’s version F4. If you check this page, you’ll see that F5b fixes some ram compatibility issues with XMP, which is a good start. I’d go with the latest, F22. Also note that if you use the gigabyte bios update software, it will automatically give you the latest one.

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Mine would reboot in CA when we had brownouts.
Same when the main breaker in the house started going

Gonna try the BIOS update this weekend and see, will it make a difference even if I don’t have the XMP profile enabled?

I honestly don’t know, but it’s still a good thing to do anyway

Will flash to the F22 BIOS when I get home from work. Hate to do it using a program but it’s my only choice at the moment.

Let us know how it goes after flashing. I had a few ideas, but the intermittent nature is odd.

Actually ended up not flashing yet, only thing I’ve done is enable XMP rather than using the out of the box optimized defaults. So far it hasn’t happened once all weekend.

I did talk to another guy who has a Z170X G1 Sniper board, slightly different mobo but he has the same issue. I ended up submitting a ticket with Gigabyte tech support, though with the way tech support is, I don’t expect to ever get a clear answer.

Totally open to hear your ideas though. I know generally electronics are not sensitive to temperature. I have a good friend who has seen somewhat similar issues at his work, said one of their engineers ended up determining something like a capacitor could be sensitive to temperatures and was not reaching an optimal temp to perform at. It’s winter here in PA, cold as balls, and I generally leave the heat off in my room when I go to work. Normally this is when I have the issue, when I don’t power on my computer for 9+ hours. So who knows.

Mine does the exact same thing. something weird after a windows update. doesnt like anything plugged in via USB. i take eveything out and it boots. so annoying. again intermittent though

I think there is an option in the BIOS to disable certain USB connectivity, dunno if that might help.

Same exact motherboard? Been meaning to look around to see if anyone’s given a long term review of the board and if they’ve had the same issues.

Homeboy, I think you are right, I’ll double check the BIOS when I get home from work tonight but I am pretty sure there is something to disable USB on boot.

Still waiting for a response from Gigabyte.

Ten whole days, nearly two weeks without this issue. Was starting to feel pretty confident that it wouldn’t occur again. Then I pressed the power button today and only heard “Hello darkness my old friend…”

So yeah did the same thing today, not only that, it failed twice in a row. The second time it went to the BIOS screen with a pop-up message saying “Failed to Boot” but didn’t say why. Gave me the option to load optimized defaults, safe mode, or exit. Hit exit and it booted up just fine.

At this point I may just try the latest BIOS. If that doesn’t work, might look into getting a new motherboard.

Maybe, just mayyyyyybe the board battery is faulty.

I do have a spare z170 board at home. I’ll take my meter home tonight and test the battery from my Gigabyte board and replace it if it’s bad.