NZXT Partners with ASUS RoG | Special Edition NZXT Noctis 450

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Today, NZXT announced that they’re partnering with ASUS to come out with an exclusive “ROG-certified” edition of the Noctis 450, featuring Aura sync and a new gun gray finish.

The Aura sync will enable users to synchronize lighting effects with more than 9 different lighting modes by connecting their Aura certified motherboards. It includes and powers two internal LED strips, the case’s power LED, some siiiick underglow and the PSU shroud. If you don’t have an Aura certified motherboard, they include a 4-pin adapter which allows the users to turn all the LEDs red.

Besides the finish and the LED features, this seems like a pretty standard case. We are told there are lots of mounting spaces for ventilation and radiator mountings if you want to watercool. Additionally, they include a 8-port PWM fan controller so you can hook up your motherboard and control voltage regulation for the case fans.

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W: 220mm H: 567mm D: 544mm
Steel, Plastic
Total Weight
Motherboard Support
Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
External Features
2 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0, Audio/Mic, I/O panel LED lighting


2x140mm or 3x120mm (included)
Radiators up to 360mm
2x140mm or 3x120mm
Radiators up to 360mm
1x140mm (included) or 1x120mm
Front (Included)
Bottom Rear(Included)
Fan control

Bays & Expansion

Internal 3.5”
Internal 2.5”
PCI Expansion Slots


CPU Cooler
GPU Clearance With HDD Cage: 294mm
GPU Clearance Without HDD Cage: 406,2mm
Cable Management
Lowest Point: 17.7mm
Highest Point: 32.5mm

It is releasing in early February in North America and mid February in Europe for $179.99 USD.

What do you think of the LED fad? It seems every quarter, case manufacturers come out with some new iteration for making your case stand out. Is it becoming too much? What do you look for when purchasing your case? Let us know in the forums.

Ooooo…me like.

So I’m looking at the ASUS Aura crap stuff and it uses the exact same pinout as the 5 meter RGB strip I got off Amazon for $20.

I’d rather save the $30 by not paying the ASUS tax and just getting the RGB strip from Amazon.

But your cool factor increases!

Interesting form-factor on this item :smiley_cat:

In regards to LEDs going back to the HAF 912 I just wanted a simple but cool look for my pc. Now will I pay a premium for LED lighting? No. As for whether or not lighting features are being done to death and it is too much well I think having options is a good thing and you can always turn the LEDs off. Also the thing about having the extra feature of LEDs is it may give your case / pc some more resale value so why not get it if it doesn’t cost you more or much more.