Nvidia color settings not changing need help please

I just got a brand new GPU ( GTX 1060 ) So i uninstalled all the Nvidia drivers before i put in my new GPU.
I reinstalled the new drivers when i first booted up my PC with the new GPU in it. After going through the installation clicking the “clean installation” box i did the reset of the PC and everything was algood.

But when i started my pc up again i tried to change the color settings in Nvidia Control Panel which i had always done prior. But when i slide the slides nothing changes. I have reinstalled the drivers a number of times with clean and just standard installations but with no hope.
i have also tried seen posts about changing the Windows color setting in “Color management” but with no success.

This is irritating me as my screen colors are utter shit and the color settings on the monitor dont change much/ what i want the colors to looks like.