Not much linux here is there

I was expecting a little more here as this place was booming for a while after the split. Oh well.

So I’m from L1 and I do a lot of linux stuff. However I was wondering what this crowd has in the linux poker game. Anyone doing anything cool?

I mean
crit is focused on gaming + culture + because @Fouquin overclocking/hardware
sooooo yeah not much linux lol.


Well thats depressing.

On the plus side, you aren’t likely to get trolled by making linux threads here lol.
They may be dead as hell compared to L1 but a lot less of certain types are here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that will be the bonus. I really just wanna rile the place up and get people moving. I don’t like what has happened but it makes me sad that this place is dead too.

i haz idea
thread incoming

?? K.

I’ll be intrigued.

Also how the fuck are we not killing each other already? Lol.

chill? as long as we don’t argue about arbitrary things is fine lol

yay done


I like the enthusiasm.


I figure its an easier one to manage and people won’t get triggered over it lol

my ryzen thread on the other forum got annoying at times because dear god the fanboys at times


I much, much prefer linux for gaming. The experience is just much better… and alt+tab works. It’s the way it should be… but I need windows for adobe. That’s about it… or and FL Studio. The creative programs need to support linux. I can get FL studio to work on Linux using WINE, but the plugings… sucks.


Depends. Atl+Tab isn’t working in OpenGL 4.5 titles very well - at least for me. I sometimes get horrible artefacts…

Still, i’m happy with CS5 and those are working with Wine 2.3 actually pretty decent. Lightroom has some issues and i believe Illustrator also (however, i’m not using the latter). Premier runs okay-ish, had some Audio issues, but since I’m using Arch(or Antergos) they have been gone since the last update roll. But since i did not try Plugins…no idea :sweat_smile:

However, i agree. Metro Redux does run exceptionally well on OpenGL 4.5 (i have around 10 FPS less, playing at 1440p and max. Quality which equates to around 40-50 FPS).

And since Cloud Imperium Games announced they will also switch to Vulkan down the line for Star Citizen, the recent switch to the Lumberyard engine and Amazon in the back…i’m actually quite optimistic, that we’re going to see Vulkan games popping up more and more. (Not to mention Dota 2, Doom and some others…also Valve will ONLY use Vulkan for the future and has ditched DX12 completely…)

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I can second this, I can play a game put it in the background, do some programming hit f12 open a terminal and then open up the game again.

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@Logan Try out Bitwig Studio for linux. It’s currently at version 2 now and will only keep getting better. I personally think it shits on Ableton and FL studio.

I like LMMS myself. You can make your own VST’s in it too.

I think I’ll transfer over the Linux threads I created over here. They suck tho so I must up the quality! The Ubuntu one I did was somewhat ok. I think I didn’t finish it tho…

I also never finished my vim tutorial. And I went back to nano so… But then again that one is a wiki so others could have added stuff to it by now. Hopefully people completed it for me :slightly_smiling_face:

#linux revolution!

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Pretty much this. I can get most of the games I need working in Linux, but I need Adobe.

I’ve heard there’s a way to get it running. But managing all that (productivity software AND games) is just too much of a pain.

Now, if I had space for two computers I would have one Linux and one Windows computer and all would be right in the world. Actually no, all would be right in the world if Adobe would make stuff native for Linux, but all would be good enough in the world.

For now I’m just running Korora on my Lenovo T420 and it’s mostly just to tinker with and bring places when I don’t feel like lugging my gaming laptop around.