Not getting the FPS I should deserve

Hey guys, I am wondering what could be wrong with my build. I can’t play GTA5 at ultra settings and having Vsync on kills my FPS as low as 30 FPS online. When it’s off it goes up to 120 but some of my settings are at High and the rest is at normal. On youtube there are videos of the same CPU GPU combo and it runs at 60FPS at ultra with the Vsync on.

Here is my rig.

Need more details, whats your resolution? 1060 and RX480 are on par and those are doing well in titles like that. This could be a driver issue.

if your monitors refresh rate is 60 your frame rate must never drop below that if you want to use vsync

if it does then 30 is the next step down

or suck up the tearing and dont use vsync

My TV (not a monitor) is [email protected] 1360 x 768. As I said on youtube i should have everything at ultra settings even with Vsync on so I don’t understand how I can’t have high settings and if I do I have to turn off the Vsync. Problem is I shouldn’t have to do that. I can’t even get higher than 50 FPS now that I have uninstalled MSI afterburner and I found out I had Sapphire TRIXX as well. I guess they would bottleneck each other but it didn’t fix it.

My GPU is in fact r9 380 by Sapphire. I said in the description I added the 1060 on the list for the final piece of the rig I want.


Check your windows settings, I think you are setup for 30hz

Don’t believe everything on YouTube lol

But as far as your build/situation goes, I’d definitely check your refresh rate. On top of that, do you only experience the issue in single player or is this in multi? Are you ignoring the suggestive limits in the advanced tab? What is it like running the GTA V benchmark?

Can you post a screenshot of your in game settings? Might help

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If you want to achieve 60 FPS, you will need a monitor not a TV as TV’s usually use 25hz to 30hz depending on your region I think, so basically if you want 60 FPS you will need a 60hz Monitor. If I was you I would look into monitors more as there seems to me that you are missing some valuable information.

Here are some gaming monitors:
Acer G247HYL bmidx 23.8-Inch Full HD IPS Price: $139.99
Acer G246HL 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor Price: $119.99

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My TV is a [email protected] I am sure of it. Now that I have deleted MSI afterburner AND Sapphire TRIXX and restarted my computer, I am getting more than 60 FPS like I should have. But still, everything is not set to high like people get with the same build.

OP, you’re either going to have to give us the info we need, or figure this out on your own.

You give us a list of parts that are not in your rig.

You tell us you’re gaming on a tv (bad idea to begin with) and don’t tell us the model

You say that people on youtube are getting more FPS with same hardware, yet you do not provide the source.

How are we supposed to help you?

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I said that only my GPU is not from the part list, it is a Sapphire r9 380 NITRO 4G. That’s the only thing you need to know. I even mentioned it twice now. +1 in my parts list description.

My TV is an Insignia 29’’ NS-29D310NA15. You will also see that this is what I have stated : 720p @ 60hz

For youtube, all you need to do is write the CPU + GPU benchmark and you will have plenty of videos. But here is one :

I will go and test GTA5 offline with the benchmark all set to high like in the video and i’ll edit this post.

Edit: Offline, the benchmark WITH Vsync gives me a stable 63fps. I’ll try again online with the vsync but I don’t understand how I got a fps drop to 30 when it’s off I can get more than 150 fps sometimes. I shouldn’t get a massive fps drop like that.

Might be driver issues, or you’re TV. Gaming on a TV is always a bad idea I talk from experience. What CPU do you have with that GPU? as My friend has that GPU but the MSI version?

Its also possible that the TV is not ACTUALLY true 60hz. Sometimes they say that and justify it with some weird wizardry. I have a “120hz” TV and I have never gotten a 120fps game to look as smooth as it does on a gaming monitor.

Also see if your tv has a game mode and enable it to see if there is a weird post processing thing slowing you down

I would love to buy a gaming monitor, but i’m sure you can understand it’s not in everyone’s budget. I am also used to a 29’’ tv, I wouldn’t go with the 24’’ models.

To answer fa1’s ; My TV doesn’t have any gaming mode except for color image settings. If you go by the model the specs say it’s a 60hz so I don’t know how they could cheat on their specs to write it cause then it would be false advertising and illegal

TVs do it all the time with their Hz advertised. I’ve owned a 240hz tv. Plug in your pc or Xbox and it will never go above 60. It’s a gimmick they use to sell tvs. “Soup opera” effect and all. It could very well be your tv is truely 30hz but they us their tv gimmick to say it’s 60 (sorry I can’t remember what they call it)

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What’s the model of the tv. Might be able to help you better

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I am able to get more FPS now. I don’t know what happent to my computer but I am able to get around 90 FPS in GTAV online. I don’t know if I uninstalled MSI Afterburner and a reboot helped but no problem anymore.