News from Europe

I’m from Sweden and is a fan of tech syndicate.
Will post some news here from us in Europe.

Turkey blocks YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp throughout the country.
Worth mentioning as they try to gain EU membership.

Euroxit (Europe leaving the EU) will happen before Turkey every manages to join the EU :slight_smile:

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Probaly… :slight_smile:

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I can help with that. German guy here, but i can also speak russian (native), so translating european or eastern news for you guys will be not an issue.
The last big “hit” here was Youtube and GEMA (licensing company for copyrights blah) finally agreed on a monetization plan. German people finally can enjoy music etc. on youtube, the region lock was dropped. But we still have a region locked Netflix, Pandora is not avaliable and some other bullcrap is going on :slight_smile: We got used to that over a long time.

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It is odd, but not really that much: the EU (and the NATO) have already shown more than once they don’t dislike authoritarian neighbours or extremely right-wing policies.

Why does everyone mention Turkey? They applied, that’s it. Completed 1 out of 35 Chapters since October 2005.

Please let this die.

Grumble from Brexitville.