New / untested korean monitor

Haven’t seen any material or reviews on this monitor yet:

Looks really interesting, I wonder if it addresses the latency issues that make the Crossover 324k a no-go for me. The AHVA panel tech is more similar to IPS than to VA / MVA / PVA panels to my understanding, although I haven’t seen one myself.

I would jump on this but given that I’m not sure is 32" is large enough for 4k I think I’ll wait to see a review first…

What do you all think?

First thing I thought was those stands better do a damn good job with my cats around.

The stand looks absolutely ridiculous. It does have VESA mounting though.

I don’t recommenced any Korean monitor, because of the lack of a decent warranty.

I see what you mean, those stands don’t exactly inspire confidence (I know how cats can be with Christmas Trees, and monitors lol)

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