New (Refurbished) Laptop Ideas?

So my dear old Potato system has decided to throw in the towel after about 7 years of service. It was just a hand-me-down single core celeron acer thing that I bought for a couple hundred bucks at Fry’s back in the day. I am looking for some idea’s on a decent refurb’d laptop (I’m broke as hell, we’re talking super cheap sub $200) and I keep circling back to a older Lenovo T60 or a T420.

I have a docking station/port replicator for a T60 already (I bought a refurb’d T60 for my Dad years ago) and since I won’t be using this system for anything more elaborate that web-browsing or maybe some screen recording with OBS (so the graphics system will need to support OpenGL or OpenCL, I can’t recall which, or what version) I don’t think I’ll need more than a dual core system.

I also have a few older Sata II SSD’s (we’re talking old OCZ’s, but surprisingly in 100% condition according to CrystalDiskInfo) and about 16 GB of misc. SO-DIMM’s so I can upgrade whatever I pick up. Hard drive space isn’t a high priority since I have a 2 TB external drive I normally use for laptop-related stuff.

So anyone have any suggestions for a decent returb cheap laptop? Oh, and I’ll be running Linux on it. I prefer Intel CPU’s but for the budget it doesn’t make a huge difference. Battery life, again, not a big deal. It’ll be plugged in on my workbench the majority of the time.

Thanks for reading, and happy thanksgiving (I know, I’m a day early.)