New Mechanical Switches | Keyboard Buyers Guide with Typing Audio Samples

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You should’ve asked me some things I know a lot about keyboards… Lol oh well. Great video anyway, those sound clips though :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they bad?

Enjoyable video! Much like! Can’t wait for the review of that scented lotion.

I have a Romer G keyboard! I must say that I enjoy my Logitech 810 more than my Zalman K900.

Topre <3

no, funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a Corsair RGB K65 and I find myself disliking pretty much everything about it.

I don’t like the cherry MX reds for typing.
I don’t like the lack of a number pad.
I don’t seem to care for any color in the RGB selection aside from a muted purple; and hate that they can’t replicate white.
Hate the god awful tramp stamp on the chasis to the extent that I covered it with duct tape.

Definitely looking to swap this out for something with Cherry MX Browns, this video helped a lot.

As a Corsair fanboy, I am crying right now.


Does anyone know anything about switches with very low travel? I either want the actuation point to be very high near the top, or the whole travel distance to be super short (close to a laptop keyboard).

I dislike how most keyboards feel like I’m sinking my fingers into bottomless springs instead of instantly registering my short twitch movement…

And rubber rings don’t quite do it, I tried. Unless anyone has any custom shaped ones

Have you tried reds?

And that was the new thing about Tesoro’s optical switches - it basically sends a signal the moment the key is being given any pressure - the actual switch element is purely for the consumer’s aesthetic.

I am in the same boat as you. I love scissor switch keyboards. And I love to bottom out. For me its just so natural.

Cherry ML keyboards. They are tiny little switches and tactile.

I know it’s crazy expensive for a keyboard, but on the Realforce RGB it is possible to change the actuation point of the keys. On the highest actuation point setting it actuates at a similar distance to my laptop’s keys. The total available travel does not change though.

Yeah but it’s not high enough, and the super long total travel annoys me (I like to feel the bottom)

But I will have a closer look at the optical switches. Maybe those + 2x rubber rings will work out. But I also like flat top keys so I’ll probably need to change the keys too -.-

Cherry ML’s don’t feel right to me, I keep expecting them to be clickier. Maybe with some rubber rings.