New Build, need thoughts!

Hello fellow ones.

I have sold my rig and now I’m thinking on building a new one, after a few internet searches I have “build” this one:

Intel Core i5 7400 3.0Ghz 6MB LGA1151
Kingston 8GB HyperX Fury Black DDR4 2400MHz CL15
Asus GeForce GTX1060 Dual OC 6GB GDDR5
Corsair CX450M 450W 80 Plus Bronze Modular
Seagate 2TB BarraCuda 64MB SATA III 3.5 - ST2000DM006
Toshiba/OCZ 240Gb TL100 2.5 SATA III SSD - TL100-25SAT3-240G

What do you guys think? Any changes or any bad chosen components? Please fire away! It’ll be in the goal of 800€ (I’m from Portugal, Europe)

i say bump up to the i5 7500 at least. shouldn’t be much more expensive.
Maybe even go up to the 7600.

If the EVGA 500B isn’t too much more expensive, that’s a great PSU, not modular, but yeah.

And i honestly don’t know anything about the Toshiba/OCZ SSDs. But for budget ones, the Sandisk are pretty good.

Looks like a decent rig though :slight_smile:

An i5 is fine, but that clock speed of 3 GHz is a little low, would be better off getting something in the 4 GHz range.
That said it does have turbo boost. According to intel Ark that is only 3.5 Ghz though.

I would learn you to a Ryzen system.

Ryzen 5 1500x is only 3$ difference between the i5 you linked, it has twice the amount of cores, and has a much higher base clock, and boost clock.

Going to have to agree with you that is a better option but if you bump up to the Ryzen 5 1600 for $209.99 you get that 6 core 12 thread goodness (2 hours of the sale left) so you get that sweet performance bump for $30. If you’re not wanting to go higher the 1500x and 1400 are the same price if not cheaper and are multi-threaded so that will always be your best bet. At this price point and even slightly higher Ryzen will always be your best bet until you get into the low end i3 area (for now)

I have done a quick check on prices, as I have said, I’m from Portugal, the Ryzen 1500X I can get from 199€, the i5 was 180€ it’s only 20€ difference…Have to start to see ryzen builds and see what can be more a bang for the buck/euro…It’s always hard to decide! :slight_smile:

The problem is always to get to a money goal! It’s only 30 more but it’s starting to get over my budget…it’s hard choices as I said above

its well worth that 20 dollars.

seriously the performance gains and options in the future makes it so much more worth it. And hyper-threading man, you will get a huge bump in performance.

drop down from the 1600 he suggested to the 1400x if you must… While it’s not the best price to performance ratio AMD offers, the 7400 is a poor choice of processor when considering AMDs offerings. 1400x would be a much better choice it’s comparable to a 4 core i7.

It’s just what Ryzen it’s right now in my head. It’s uncertain that’s all good. Probably this ideia is from years and years of Intel leadership and with that mindset I’m afraid Ryzen will be a bust in a next future. The money isn’t a lot and I want to make this next build future proof (in my budget of course) as most as can be…

I’m starting to research some Ryzen builds, with an 1500x…when I have some time I’ll post them here! Once more, as you guys challenged me with doubts, I have no doubt that’s good for me and to know my computer expertise and to have the absolute certain of what to buy!


Its been out for awhile and there are tons of benchmarks.

Let’s also not forget that the AM4 socket on Ryzen is going to be around for a while. Unlike Intel changing sockets every few minutes, AMD is planning on AM4 being used for “a long time”.

So if you want a new motherboard, but don’t want to spend $200+ on a new processor you can do that. Or if you want a new CPU but don’t need a new motherboard you can do that.

I wasn’t thinking to build Ryzen…now I’m starting to considered the Ryzen build…just was a thought and a “fear”, just to see what was yours thoughts about this! :slight_smile:

lol Had you looked at ryzen at all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much! :stuck_out_tongue: But when I have some time I’ll be reading more about it! Any articles that I should know about, for enlightenment!

Not much that I have read other than the Phoronix benchmarks for linux stuff but I dunno if thats your bag or not. Check out Gamers Nexus and PCPer. Relatively fresh looks at how it all works. I imagine Crit has some good stuff too.

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